Take advantage of the free service that allows you to upload an audio file from the music piece and is easy to learn the song title and artist. The file can have almost any format and size. Even a 15-second excerpt will be enough to ensure that the program has analyzed and recognized the song. The quality of the downloaded file can also be anything: from the noisy low frequency of recording copies of the CD track. Excerpt you can upload directly from your computer or the URL of the audio file. Service convenient also in that it has Russian interface.
Note also on search engine identifying pieces of music service MusicBrainz and MusicIP Mixer program, Tunatic, Midomi Mobile, TrackID, Shazam ID and MusicID. Resource detects even a melody that you will navisite or humming to themselves. To identify unknown music disc, use base and compatible program CDex.
Note the time and radio station which played a song you are interested in. Go to, enter these settings and find the desired song. To verify the correctness of the choice, you can listen to a recorded excerpt of the radio and view the text of the found song. To use this method can only be the inhabitants of the cities, radio stations which rebroadcast of Moscow broadcast.
Use identification that is provided by many mobile operators. For example, the operator MegaFon have the service "Music expert" to determine the composition of the short fragment. To take advantage of them, call the short number 0665, wait for the greeting of answering machine for 15 seconds and put the phone speaker to the sound source. Its quality should be good. After a piece of music is recognized, you will receive on your phone SMS with information about the song title and a link to the page with which you will be able to download a ringtone on your phone.