Advice 1: How to find music by fragment

Everyone familiar with this situation. I heard a song on the radio or somewhere else, she liked it, but the memory remained only a part of the song. Neither the song title nor the name of the artist. And the song I want to listen to again and again. With access to the Internet to find the music for the text is quite real.
How to find music by fragment
You will need
  • Internet access, registration in the social network "In contact"
Options of search songs by excerpt may be several. First, you can use large search engines. Simply type in the search bar passage that you know. If the song is quite well known, with high probability, the search engine will give you results with performer and song title, as well as the rest of her words.
To restore the song through the passage with the help of the popular social network "In contact". For this you need to use search for recordings by repeatedly pressing the button "Search" and "Audio". Next, you need to put a tick in the box "only text". On the entered text will display songs that contain this passage.
In addition to a simple search through search engines, you can use sites that looks for music fragments:,,
If the above methods did not help, it makes sense to seek help to people. It is easiest to do it through specialist music forums. They are topics where users help each other find songs by well-known passages. For example, if the song you are interested in, from the era of the 80s, you can contact the forum for "Autoradio". In the sub-forum there are many topics asking for help in finding songs for passage.
Even if these methods did not help find you find a song, don't despair and spend in search of all the free time. Chances are that you will hear this song again and better remember it!

Advice 2: How to find a song on "Autoradio"

Heard on the radio a favorite song can be a real headache — it's hard to calm down, while any composition will not be found and saved in a private collection. Download the song sounded in the air "Autoradio", you can use the Internet.
How to find a song on "Autoradio"
For a long time in Runet is valid, and is one of its kind, a unique online service which you can use to find and listen to (and read the text, watch this video:) any songthat is heard in the radio. Select one of the project sites: or to get access to the archives of any Russian radio stations where records are kept of the ether over the past few years.
Visit one of these sites and select in the section "Stations" page of the "Autoradio". Even if you don't live in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, you can be sure that most likely you will find what you heard a song on one of these resources, since the main part of any air of regional radio station "Autoradio" make up the program of the Moscow Studio.
On the page station, you can choose the mode of online broadcasting via Internet or go directly to the live archive to find the song. Click "Archive" and select the day that the song you are looking for has been heard on the radio. Move the slider to the virtual radio at the desired time interval, and you will see the name of the song playing at this moment.
Click "Play" to listen to the song. A new window will open the player where you can click on the song name to go to the page with information about the artist. Here you will find the lyrics and video, if available.
There is another way to search. If you use a mobile device running on iOS (Apple), Android (HTC, Samsung, etc.) or Symbian (Nokia), install it on your gadget program Shazam. C it can help small excerpt sounding songs to learn the name of almost any song.
Install an application on the official website of the program online at and also from the AppStore, Android Market or "OVI Store" — choose the app store that matches the platform of your device. After installation, run the program when playing the desired song on the radio to see the song title and artist name.
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