Advice 1: How to strengthen your stomach using food

A weak stomach is a common enough occurrence as many people are constantly faced with constant weight, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and other similar problems. In most cases this is due to poor diets and consumption of stale food. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem — a proper balanced diet can strengthen your stomach.
How to strengthen your stomach using food
You will need
  • - vegetables
  • - fruit
  • - sprouted wheat
  • - rice porridge
  • - still water
  • garnet
  • - oatmeal
  • - figs
  • - congee
  • - the leaves of raspberry
Get rid of all the stale food in your refrigerator. Remember that you should eat only freshly prepared foods.
Exclude from your diet spicy, salty, sour and fried foods. Do not eat a lot of smoked meats. To strengthen the stomach good to eat sprouted wheat, and as much boiled rice porridge. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables including boiled carrots. It is not necessary to fill salads with mayonnaise.
Try to drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water. The daily requirement in it is 2-3 litres per day.
Take a decoction of pomegranate peel, which can be partially replaced by tea. For its preparation take about 5 grams of the rind of this fruit and pour half Cup of boiling water. The broth should infuse for 20 minutes, after which it can drain. Three times a day drink a few SIPS of this tool.
Very useful for stomach is oatmeal. Try every morning to Breakfast oatmeal. This product removes from the body all the toxins, and stimulates the muscles of the stomach and intestines, positively affects the General condition of the body.
Eat the Fig as it contains fiber, pectin and large amounts of vitamins that have a positive effect on the stomach.
It is also recommended and regular intake of the congee. This tool is especially useful for gastritis. Pour in a container of a spoonful of rice and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Put on a slow fire and cook for 40 minutes. Broth strain. Drink it warm every two hours for a few SIPS. By the way, this product is also suitable for the prevention of diseases of the child's body.
Raspberry tea is also very useful because it strengthens the stomach. For its preparation you need to take four tablespoons of chopped leaves of fresh raspberries and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Drink half Cup of the tea four times a day. By the way, fresh raspberries also help to strengthen the herb system.

Advice 2: How to strengthen your stomach

Frequent bowel movement causes a lot of problems for adults and children. Mostly it is from eating stale or unusable for you food. To improve digestion and strengthen the stomach, there are popular recipes of decoctions, tinctures, teas.
How to strengthen your stomach
A tablespoon of mint pour boiling water and leave for about half an hour. Mint has long been used by traditional healers for diarrhea and belching. Take a warm infusion in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink in small SIPS.
Collect partitions from three hundred grams of walnuts. Pour them a glass of alcohol and for three days let stand. Take ten drops of the tincture three times a day until the symptoms of the disorder. Take a small amount of water. Not recommended for children.
Clean the pomegranate from the skin. Take about five grams of rind, pour hundred milliliters of boiling water, leave for about 20 minutes, separate the broth through a sieve and drink a few SIPS three times a day. It turns out bitter but effective remedy.
Brew popularly of boiling water over four teaspoons of raspberry leaf, steep for half an hour. Take half a Cup four times a day. Raspberries also have a strengthening effect.
Use potassium permanganate. Drink a glass of light pink solution. Make sure that the solution was not undissolved crystals. It is enough for single use.
It is recommended children and adults take a decoction of rice. One teaspoon of rice boiled in half a liter of boiling water for forty minutes. Strain through a sieve and drink it warm two hours for two drinks.
Take the ashes of the burnt bark or charcoal lime one teaspoon before meals with water. The tool is well in the field.
Eat gentle on the stomach food for his speedy recovery. Recommended boiled rice porridge on the water, dry biscuits, crackers, cooked carrots, unsweetened tea. Exclude from the diet products that increase fermentation, milk.
Brew as a tea lilac flowers and drink before eating half a Cup.
Remember, if you don't help folk remedies and continue to be felt stomach pain, colic, you must consult a doctor. Waiting for the doctor put on the belly of a warm vinegar compress.

Advice 3: How to dump pig's stomach

Using pig stomach, it is possible to cook delicious and flavorful meat dish served to the table, which can be in hot or cold condition, pre-cut.
How to dump pig's stomach
You will need
    • Recipe No. 1
    • stomach pork – 1 PC.;
    • fatty brisket – 500 g;
    • ground pork – 200 g;
    • onions – 3 PCs.;
    • chicken egg – 1 PC.;
    • garlic
    • black pepper
    • allspice
    • salt and marjoram.
    • Recipe No. 2
    • pork belly – 1 PC.;
    • potatoes – 600 g;
    • milk – 1 liter;
    • bacon – 120 g;
    • onions – 2 PCs.;
    • salt
    • pepper
    • Bay leaf.
    • Recipe No. 3
    • pork belly – 1 PC.;
    • lean pork – 800 g.;
    • fresh bacon – 350 g;
    • pig's ear – 2 PCs.;
    • onions – 2 PCs.;
    • garlic – 2 heads;
    • vinegar 3% – 1 tbsp.;
    • Basil
    • cumin
    • Bay leaf
    • carnation
    • black pepper
    • salt.
    • Recipe No. 4
    • pork belly – 1 PC.;
    • buckwheat – 1 tbsp.;
    • onions – 2 PCs.;
    • pork – 250 g;
    • dried mushrooms – 50 g;
    • garlic – 3 heads;
    • egg – 2 PCs.;
    • sour cream – 1 tbsp.;
    • salt
    • pepper.
Recipe No. 1Свиной stomach rinse first in cold water, then in boiling water and well clear. Brisket pork free from bone, cut into small pieces and mix with pork mince. Add the egg, finely chopped onion and stir. After thoroughly combine the stuffing, add salt, add spices and mix. Then the prepared stomach , start the mix and sew with white thread. Place on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated 180-200 degree oven until tender.
Recipe No. 2Свиной stomach rinse first in cold water, then in boiling water and well clear. Potato clean from peel, grate, press and pour boiled milk. Add bacon, chopped and toasted until Golden brown onions, pepper, Bay leaf and salt. Received stuffing stuff the stomach, sew it with white thread, put on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated 180-200 degree oven.
Recipe No. 3Сало, meat and pork ears mince, add pounded garlic, finely chopped onion, spices and mix thoroughly. Well treated in the stomach place the prepared filling and cover it from two sides. The stomach is put in a pot, add vinegar and water, so that it was completely covered with liquid. Simmer for 1 hour. Remove the stomach, put under the press and cool.
Recipe No. 4Свиной stomach thoroughly clean the sebaceous from grid and dirt, rinse in warm water and soak in salted water for 3-4 hours. Prepare the stuffing as follows: mince meat and fry. Buckwheat boil until tender. Onions finely chop and fry. The mushrooms soak, slice into small pieces. Combine all ingredients, add spices and mix. Stuff stomach the mix and sew thread. Wrap in foil, place on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for 40 minutes. Then take it out, unwrap, pour stomach sour cream and put in the oven for another 20-30 minutes to form a Golden crust.

Advice 4: Baby food "Nestožen": reviews and cooking method

"Nestogen" is a popular product mothers children iskusstvennomu. Dry mix, this brand produces the company "Nestle" is one of the leading manufacturers of baby food. "Nestogen" - milk mixture. This means that in its composition less amounts of lactose and high content of lactic acid bacteria.
Baby food. Dairy blend
About the benefits of dairy products has long been known. However, children under 8 months are forbidden to give yogurt, fermented baked milk or yogurt to kids is hard to swallow items that contain "adult products".

At the same time, infants improves the functioning of digestive system, and lactic acid bacteria – a great helper for this.
Babies who are breastfeeding receive from breast milk. Children Iskusstvennyi can obtain the necessary microorganisms only of adapted milk formulas.

Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which contains milk formula "Nestogen"
help the body absorb iron, zinc and calcium, this dairy mixture is recommended for children with anemia
improve digestion – regurgitation becomes smaller, the chair is normalized
help to maintain healthy intestinal flora – a natural immunity.
In sour milk formula Nestle Nan contains less lactose than regular formula. Also lactic acid bacteria, which included in its composition, rassypaet this enzyme. This food is suitable for children with allergies.

Baby milk formula "Nestogen" (Nestožen): what are mixtures

Nestle produces two types of milk mixtures "Kid":
"Nestogen" from birth to one year (the products range of "1" - from birth to 6 months. "2" with 6 months to 1 year; "3" - 1 year)
"Nestogen. Happy dreams" (from 6 months).

The main difference between the products of "Nestogen" – the content of rice flour in the mixture of "Nestogen. Happy dreams".
It is not recommended to give children from birth for two reasons:
1. Mix with rice flour can give the baby only after the appropriate product (rice) had already introduced complementary feeding;
2. "Nestogen. Happy dreams" quite thick due to the content of rice flour – the crumb will be difficult to suck her bottle.
If You decide to enter into the diet baby the mixture of "Nestogen. Happy dreams", buy a bottle with holes larger than the one which You feed. Rice flour in the composition of the mixture makes food more dense

Both mixtures of the range of "Nestogen" contains lactic acid bacteria. Rice flour, which is contained in the "Nestogen. Happy dreams", gives the child a feeling of satiety for a long time. The baby will sleep longer at night.

The Power Of "Nestogen" (Nestožen). Method of application

Lactic acid bacteria contained in the mixture of "Nestogen" useful to the body of the baby and need him. But too frequent use can harm the body remains – to raise the acidity of the stomach.

Therefore to offer the child milk mixture should be no more than twice a day. You can replace one or two of feeding your baby formula "Nestogen". For example, give it to your child at lunch and before bed.

In addition, the mother must remember that the organism of the child needs to learn to develop bifidobacteria and lactobacilli alone.

Also important:
- proportioning and dosage in the preparation of a mixture of "Nestogen" (indicated on the package) according to the age of the child
- cook the mixture before feeding
- do not mix milk formula "Nestogen" with the usual mixture
- be aware of the fact that the volume of the milk mixture should not exceed 1/3 of the daily amount of food

The food is a mixture of "Nestogen". Reviews mom

First mix of the brand "Kid" went on sale in 1930. Of course, since the laboratory Nestle has improved the formula of this product. Still one thing – health care for kids.
Perhaps that is why kids and moms like sour milk formula "Nestogen". The majority of young mothers said that the baby's stool is getting better, the vomiting decreases, and the child's sleep becomes calmer and more durable.


The ideal diet for a child up to 1 year – mother's milk. When choosing a mix, consult a pediatrician.

Advice 5: How to check the stomach for FGS

The stomach FGS checked with the gastroscope is a plastic tube with a camera on the end. The patient needs to swallow that the doctor could make a correct diagnosis on the basis of the image output by the camera to the screen.
procedure FGS
FGS (fibrogastroscopy) - procedure that allows to examine the state of the mucosa of the stomach. A special instrument – gastroscope, made of flexible plastic material, is a tube with a camera on the end which displays an image on the screen and allows the physician to make a correct diagnosis. Fibrogastroscopy enables to diagnose gastritis, ulcer, tumor, polyps, etc. And how to check the stomach for FGS?

Features of the procedure

For the test the patient is required to swallow the gastroscope therefore this research method is called "swallowing the gut". The procedure is quite unpleasant, but practically painless. Besides, this method allows the most comprehensive survey, "to see the problem from the inside and, if necessary, biopsy – sampling of a fragment of mucosa, which will later be used for further analysis.

Many people deliberately refuse to conduct this study as it is a mockery of the body's swallowing tube will inevitably arise gag reflex. Yes, the urge to vomit arise, but the doctors are doing everything to ensure the maximum comfort for the patient and the procedure without any consequences for his health. First, the patient should be on FGS prepared by: the stomach must be empty. It is recommended not to eat before the procedure for 8-10 hours. Do not smoke or chew gum before the examination. The most worried patients is not forbidden to take the tranquilizing drug.

The patient appeared in the office for examination at the appointed time, must be with a towel. Its purpose is to collect saliva which will flow from his open mouth. The patient is asked to lie on the couch and pinch the teeth with a special plastic cap with a hole through which he will insert a tube. Pre-treated throat drug spray for pain and reduce sensitivity. The procedure lasts significantly less and is about 1 minute. After the numbness wears off, the patient might be a little uncomfortable sore throat – that is the only negative consequence of the procedure.

What to do after the procedure

After conducting FGS with biopsy of the patient is recommended not to eat for 5 hours. After this time, you can eat something neutral that will not irritate the place of taking the tissue sample. Should limit eating foods that stimulate the secretion of hydrochloric acid and gastric juice – coffee, tea, sparkling water, smoked, spicy and savory. To smoke in the first hours after FGS is also undesirable.

Advice 6: What do you mean cascade stomach

Cascade stomach — the medical term used by radiologists and endoscopists. Stomach healthy adults are able to periodically change their shape depending on the daily diet, volume of food consumed and body position. Cascade stomach is found in 5 patients out of 100.
What do you mean cascade stomach
An empty stomach is shaped like a flat bag, which after ingestion is becoming kolbasovidnye form. Radiological signs of transformation of the stomach in the process of examination: the body is shaped like a horn to use contrast material and takes the form of a hook after the introduction of barium suspension.

Causes and symptoms of stomach cascade

Cascade stomach on radiographs bent around its axis with the formation of two tribes. The lower knee is narrowed and has the form of a tube, and the upper enlarged bowl-shaped. Causes frequent changes of the shape of the stomach are congenital or functional features of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to the cascading physiological and stomach is the pathological consequence of a number of diseases of the digestive system: gastritis, duodenitis, gastric ulcer, colitis, cholecystitis. To determine what caused the formation of a cascade configuration of the stomach, it is necessary to conduct a detailed diagnosis of existing diseases. Patients prescribed the fibrogastroscopy, determination of acidity of gastric juice and fluoroscopic study of the stomach.

The cascading symptoms of the stomach are: loss of appetite, nausea, belching, feeling of heaviness and overflow in epigastric pain after eating, bloating.

Straightening and treatment cascade stomach

There are several ways of straightening cascade stomach. The simplest bevels to the right or left side. Patients with stomach irregular shape and suffering from dyspeptic symptoms, asked to not wear tight belts, intense physical activity associated with weight lifting and tension of the abdominals.

Diet and nutrition it is imperative with such a stomach. Recommended fractional and regular meals – up to 5 times a day. Should not eat hot and salty food, fish and mushroom soups nourishing, strong meat broths, grilled fish and meat, pickles, bacon, baking, preserves, pies, radish and garlic. Even the smallest amount of alcohol can trigger the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, disrupt the protective barrier of the mucous membrane and cause its swelling and damage.

Patients who complain of belching, heartburn and stomach discomfort, prescribed drugs, having a shielding effect, neutralizing the hydrochloric acid and protect the mucous membrane. These include "Fosfalyugel", "Maalox", "Vikalin", "Almagel". "Reglan" - a drug which increases motility of the stomach.

Advice 7: Exercises to reduce stomach volume

To combat excess weight doesn't always need a strict diet. It is sometimes sufficient to simply reduce the amount of food and to perform regular exercises to reduce the stomach.
Exercises to reduce stomach volume

Big stomach

Exercises to reduce stomach volume will help reduce the appetite. It is known that the size of the stomach depends on the amount of food consumed, if a person overeats, the stomach, experiencing constant overflow, stretched over time, getting bigger and losing their shape. This leads to undesirable consequences, and sometimes significant health problems.

The stomach stretches, and the man harder to regulate your hunger, it leads to frequent overeating, which contributes to the appearance of extra weight, which is a major cause of health problems. A vicious circle. In such a situation can help a special diet and set of exercises for reducing stomach volume.

A set of exercises

This method of healing came from China, also widely used in yoga. These exercises help to significantly reduce the volume and bring the stomach back in order. Their regular a positive effect on the condition of the abdominal muscles and strengthens the press, the belly becomes more flat. You need to start with easy exercises, gradually complicating them.
If you have problems with a backbone it is better to abandon such techniques.

The basis of the complex is diaphragmatic breathing, it is performed lying down. To perform this exercise, lie down on a hard surface: back pressed to the floor and your legs bent at the knees. Slowly inhaling maximally involve the stomach, and then exhale slowly, not relaxing the abdominal muscles. It is necessary to perform 10-15 times.

The second exercise you need to perform while sitting, the back should be smooth. You need to perform a multi-stage breathing, alternately breathing in and out through my mouth and nose.

The third exercise is a retraction and adoption of postures, called "plank". You need to take emphasis on your palms and toes, the whole body should form a straight line, you cannot bend your back or to raise the pelvis. Take 10 breaths, as slowly as possible, then the same, but quick in multistage. This is called breathing "dog."
We must note that these exercises should not do on a full stomach.

Then you need to perform the twist. For this exercise, you must take the position of first exercise, then lying down to inhale as much air as possible and exhale, after holding your stomach in and stretch the shoulders to the pelvis, holding hands behind his head. It is in any case can not rotate the body. By adopting such a posture, it is necessary to dwell for 5 seconds, executes 10 times.
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