Big stomach

Exercises to reduce stomach volume will help reduce the appetite. It is known that the size of the stomach depends on the amount of food consumed, if a person overeats, the stomach, experiencing constant overflow, stretched over time, getting bigger and losing their shape. This leads to undesirable consequences, and sometimes significant health problems.

The stomach stretches, and the man harder to regulate your hunger, it leads to frequent overeating, which contributes to the appearance of extra weight, which is a major cause of health problems. A vicious circle. In such a situation can help a special diet and set of exercises for reducing stomach volume.

A set of exercises

This method of healing came from China, also widely used in yoga. These exercises help to significantly reduce the volume and bring the stomach back in order. Their regular a positive effect on the condition of the abdominal muscles and strengthens the press, the belly becomes more flat. You need to start with easy exercises, gradually complicating them.
If you have problems with a backbone it is better to abandon such techniques.

The basis of the complex is diaphragmatic breathing, it is performed lying down. To perform this exercise, lie down on a hard surface: back pressed to the floor and your legs bent at the knees. Slowly inhaling maximally involve the stomach, and then exhale slowly, not relaxing the abdominal muscles. It is necessary to perform 10-15 times.

The second exercise you need to perform while sitting, the back should be smooth. You need to perform a multi-stage breathing, alternately breathing in and out through my mouth and nose.

The third exercise is a retraction and adoption of postures, called "plank". You need to take emphasis on your palms and toes, the whole body should form a straight line, you cannot bend your back or to raise the pelvis. Take 10 breaths, as slowly as possible, then the same, but quick in multistage. This is called breathing "dog."
We must note that these exercises should not do on a full stomach.

Then you need to perform the twist. For this exercise, you must take the position of first exercise, then lying down to inhale as much air as possible and exhale, after holding your stomach in and stretch the shoulders to the pelvis, holding hands behind his head. It is in any case can not rotate the body. By adopting such a posture, it is necessary to dwell for 5 seconds, executes 10 times.