You will need
  • Finishing thread, matching color trim jeans;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - the tape or ruler.
Very gently fight back a belt from jeans. If the jeans have a branded label in the center of the waist, and her fight back. Argue with belt, three rear belt loops.
Strut side seams from upper edge to upper edge of front pockets. If you do not have the classic model of jeans, strut joints to a depth of 8-10 cm
Carefully remove all traces of the thread and smooth out the seams.
The top edge of the jeans back off 1 cm from the cut edge and put a notch. Guide tailor's chalk a line connecting the notch with the bottom point of the unstitched seam. On the back half of the jeans do the same.
Make an incision along the planned lines.
Turn jeans inside out, align edges of new cuts and sew on the machine bridging the seam. On the classical model of jeans the upper edge of the front pockets reinforce the metal studs. To riveting the way so you can make the seam smooth, finish the engine line at a distance of 1 cm from it. Then sew this piece hand-stitch "back needle".
Repeat entire sequence on other side seam. Now your jeans have become in the waist by about 4 cm.
Try on the belt to the jeans and determine what length you need to shorten it. The cut can hide under the brand label or under a Central rear belt loops, if the labels on the belt was not.
Cut uporoty zone in a designated location and shorten it to the desired number of inches. Bridging stitch, seam and smooth out the edges of the slices to the side.
Sew belt in place. Then sew the belt loops. As the belt length has changed, sew them to a new location. Make sure that the side back belt loops completely symmetrical, and the center back belt loops is located exactly in the middle.
Sew in place brand label, hiding under her slit. Sew it by hand, sticking the needle exactly in the place of the old punctures. This will help you to simulate the old machine seam, and your work on the jeans will be virtually imperceptible to an extraneous sight.