You will need
  • pattern
  • scissors
  • blade
  • sewing machine
  • needles
  • thread
View exactly where the hole or stain. If the injured leg, no problem. Pants really flick of the wrist transformed into elegant shorts. May be able to make and breeches. Enough to cut leg and hem.
Much worse is the case if a hole in the top of the pants. Think about how you can use the leg. New pants are, of course, will not work, but the mini-skirt to sew you can, if the pants are wide enough.
Cut the legs to holes or stains. Strut them along the seams, wash, iron and clean off the threads.
Fight back zone – it'll come in handy. Think about what kind of clasp you make the skirt. Depends on it, you need to cut the belt or not.
Pick up the pattern. It is best to make the skirt chetyrehkolka. Don't forget that you need to leave a seam.
Take a break from the leg wedges. Baste the wedges to the front and rear skirts. Sew them and Ratatouille seams. Baste and sew the side seams, leaving unsewn a section of the seam for the zipper. Ratatouille and treat the seams. Baste and sew the waistband. Vsheyte zip. Fold and hem the bottom.