Today it is difficult to find someone who would not have had in your closet skinny jeans are tight. This is especially true of young women and girls. But it is sometimes quite difficult to find a suitable model of jeans even in expensive boutiques, not to mention those stores that goes to dress up most of us. Too large, not enough narrow, then something else. There is one option – to do things for themselves and to alter jeans on the figure.
The same goes for those who once bought jeans bell bottoms, and now wants to make them a fashionable style. To jeans sat on your leg is, you need to remove unnecessary width.
Strut Boca jeans, and stepper seams. This is necessary in order to avoid bias. If we remove somewhere, everywhere and on slightly.
To correctly rip the seams need to unpick the waist, then dissolve the bottom, to alter, that is, to make narrower to fit the desired width, then sew again the bottom, to fit the waistband and sew back all that spanking.