Refer to the "word of mouth. Remember the theory that all men are familiar with each other five handshakes. It means that you not only can learn some information about the person through friends, but also to get acquainted with the interesting person. But if your goal is just to learn about something, the actions are the following: ask about your mutual friends. Of course, if those mutual friends you have.
Inquire through special services. Of course, this option can use a very limited number of people. But still, if you have the opportunity, try to turn to police databases or other not less serious sources.
Write in the program "Wait for me". This is one of the most advanced cases - if you are looking for not only information, but also the person. It is likely that this telecast will be useful for you and help you to find and man and in addition information about it.
Use the resources of the Internet. In our days you can easily enter the name and surname of the person in the row of search engine and get a lot of information on a given person. There is one significant disadvantage – the requested person must be more or less known, at least as a blogger. Otherwise you will get a lot of information on the namesakes and namesakes of the requested person, but the necessary information did not find.
Ask for help to social networks. Now, thanks to social media people voluntarily put all information about yourself. Get ranking to emphasize its importance, and instead put all information about yourself in General use.If information about the person restricted by for you in social networks, do not despair. Add the friends you are interested in person and get access to information. So it is not too difficult in our days to look for the information about the person.