Fairly complete databases about people have a special service, in particular, law enforcement. However, to access such information to the ordinary person without special powers impossible. And rightly so, because access to confidential information may lead to abuse, up to the action, which can cause harm to the citizen.
But we, of course, are law-abiding citizens and will not look for workarounds. Quite often, essential information about the person you can fish from readily available, legal and open sources. Most opportunities in this respect the Internet provides.
In the most General case, the search information about the man resembles the construction of a mosaic of many interrelated elements. Your task – to fill all cells in the data structure, pulling out individual items one by one.
First of all, every person has, as a rule, the geographical coordinates (residence), virtual coordinates (phone numbers, email addresses, instant messaging services). Moreover, quite often modern man with access to network technologies, they can leave distinctive traces on different Internet resources (websites, forums, message boards, blogs, etc.)
Suppose you need to get maximum information about the person, having originally only a small part of the data (email address, telephone number). The easiest way to use an existing piece of information as the query in one of the search engines. Often such a request can take to the ads, which are placed by people in the network. These ads may contain information about other contacts and find out what people sold, bought, kind of job sought, etc. Newly acquired information can also be used in future searches, expanding information field.
There are also special online resources for people search by addresses, numbers of vehicles, day of birth, names. Some of them also provide free access to information, but often data may be outdated and no longer relevant.
Access to paid databases can expand your options, but often there are disturbances from time delays associated with the payment and its confirmation. Another point is the credibility of the sites offering paid services to find personal information. Depending on query complexity and completeness of the requested data, the service can cost you from several hundred to several thousand.
Almost unlimited possibilities of obtaining information about a specific person you call today a social network. However, in order to extract valuable open information from social networks, it is necessary to possess certain knowledge in the field of social engineering skills in structuring and analysis of data arrays.