The official ways to find your place of work

Disclosure of employee information to unauthorized persons governed by internal regulations of organizations. In this regard, an appeal to various state authorities (migration service, pension Fund, tax service and others) would be ineffective: you, most likely, will refuse, citing the prohibition of disclosure of personal data. To find out the place of work entity can be the case if you have contacts in these organizations, for example, there are your relatives or friends. However, transmitting personal information, these people run the risk of his official position, so abuse this method of obtaining information should not be.

If you are aware of a few places, one of which is likely to be working people, try to ring them all. Ask yourself, does this organization need you. It is important to name a good reason to obtain confidential information. For example, say that this man is wanted as a witness to an accident, or he lost something, and you would like to give it to the owner, etc.

You can talk directly to the man himself, if you know his phone number. Try submitted to the employee any social services and ask the caller to tell him the place of work, for example, to collect statistical data about the population. It all depends on your ability to convince. But remember that cheating is not good. If possible, introduce yourself to the person you really are, and inform the accurate reason why you want to know the affiliation of the person.

Additional ways of obtaining information

To obtain information about the place the person can help you with the Internet. Try to find the right citizen by the name and surname in social networks. Users of these resources often indicate in your profile your current place of work. If you wish, you can inquire about it directly from the man himself or someone from his friends list.

Try finding information about a person through Internet search engines. Perhaps at the moment he is in a job search or tried to find a job recently. If so, then among the search results you'll find it summary or responses to certain jobs in the city. Having this information, you can easily calculate his current place of work.