You will need
  • - ROM with the database.
In order to find out who owns a particular number, refer to those people who have access to the information you need legally. Keep in mind that provide you with such data , you must have a very good reason, otherwise your application will be rejected.
Also do not contact directly to the operator, because their policy is not to disclose confidential information regarding clients using the services of the company. You will likely receive a rejection and wasting your time.
Find markets in your city special disks with databases of rooms. The disadvantage here is the quick obsolescence of the data. Also the inconvenience of finding data about the owner of the accommodation cell phone is that the user of the SIM card is not necessarily the person in whose name it is registered. In addition, many cellular operators cease to provide to subscribers or that the room phonebecause they are not used for a long period of time (3 months for subscribers of "MegaFon", 6 months - for "Beeline" and MTS).
Try to know details of the holder accommodation alternative legally. Do not use offer online paid services punching cell phone numbers, since most of them are nothing more than a trick of the scammers, except that they are committing an offence by spreading confidential information about customers of mobile operators.
Some resources propose to download a database of numbers for sending SMS. Don't do this, because, most likely, any services you receive, and your account may be charged a big amount or you will automatically connect to any service. For download use only torrents and city forums.