Do not forget that most people are at the level of Muladhara, Svadhisthana and manipura chakras, development of the other chakras requires serious spiritual work. Of course, there are exceptions, which are on the upper chakras, but often these people do not know how to use their potential.
The only thing that really don't need to do is work with the chakras. Without an understanding of the esoteric laws of spiritual practices does not give serious effect. They will help to activate the chakras, but not how to use them, which can lead to serious trauma.
Effective way to self-diagnose their chakras is the Kundalini, this method allows you to send energy to the chakras and to learn their condition, and moreover to remove the lock, preventing the normal circulation of energy.
To self use the method of self-realization, to work you need to clearly project the direction of the energy channel and focusing on your own emotional state to assess the condition of the chakras.
If you feel a slight coolness in the fingertips, so the Kundalini energy circulates properly, it will stimulate the chakras, activating them energy.
A session of self-realization are done deep meditation and repeat the practice until you feel that you have opened the chakra of the highest order.