To begin with, you need to determine the handby which to read the information. This is usually the right hand, as the vast majority of people are right – handed. If you're left-handed, therefore, to read the information will be with the left hand. When the definition of owner is complete, you can begin to learn the lines. On the palm are Three major lines. They are called basic. Two of them are perpendicular to the fingers. This is the line of head and heart (the one above the heart line, and one that is under the heart line – the head line). And the third line is a life line. It starts about an inch below the index finger, and an arc around the thumb. These are the three main lines that you need to know.
Line of heart is responsible for love Affairs. It is important to pay attention to the pinstripe line around the index finger. This will describe the person. Whether he is a romantic, altruistic or selfish in the relationship. Under the little finger need to consider a few short and fine lines. This is the line of children. In some interpretations of palmistry States that the number of lines coincides with the number of children.
The head line will help give a better idea what the mindset of the person in front of us. If the line goes over the index finger, this is a creative build, more inclined to the Humanities. If the line goes over the little finger, it is more than a technical mind.
Life line unnecessarily is considered in the people the most important. There is a misconception that the longer the lifeline, the longer it will live. This is not so. This line is responsible for this parameter. This line is the "send location" search of smaller lines, which are fraught with much more information.

So do not forget that the lines on the hand change every day as the daily actions of people are constantly changing fate.