Imagine personal energy shell, like a cocoon surrounding your body. The boundary of the cocoon must match the value of your energy field. Its outer surface is of specular nature, with two holes. One is located above the head and the second below the feet. You create protection from external influences.
Create mentally at a distance of one meter from the line your shell is infinitely high cylinder. Imagine that he's got a mirror surface inside and outside. Consider the analogy of a Russian doll. A small part of it – you, the middle is your energy sheath, and the outer is a mirror you created the cylinder.
Focus on the breath, imagine the powerful flow of positive energy, with a Golden hue. He seeks in the centers of the feet, the center point of the palms and the coccyx.
Guide and control its movement through the body and along the spine. Try to imagine and feel how the energy fills every cell of the body, and then freely out of the crown. If the energy has hit a wall, burn her with the flame and restart the procedure.
Signs of fullness can include mild tingling sensation or numbness, gentle heat along the spine and other organs.
Focus on the exhale. Imagine a powerful stream of pure energy, silver color, part of the seventh energy center. Direct and monitor the passage of energy through other centers in the direction downwards along the spine. Feel like energy fills every cell of the body, and then flows freely through his hands and feet.
If you find any obstacles, then again, burn them with a flame and then resume the procedure. Achieve a free flow of energy through all the chakras. Signs of fullness are the same as when you inhale.
Once you have felt the fullness of the body, continue to work simultaneously with both the flow of energy. Find hidden negativity and displace it outside of the shell to the cylinder wall then to burn.
Direct from below into the space between the cocoon and the cylinder drum a stream of bright flame and burn all the negativity that you gathered in process of cleansing the chakras.