You will need
  • The ability to observe themselves and others
  • The capacity to introspect
First of all, you need to take on faith the fact that each person has a "default" there is a whole set of hidden, "magical" abilities. The fact is that their manifestation is almost always fraught with many difficulties.
If the judge, many of us simply do not need such properties as, for example, telepathy. Why should a person be psychic and try to mentally communicate with another person when there is a mobile phone?
Therefore, the question of verification of their abilities a bit incorrect, as what to check, what exactly is available from birth?
However, if you still have the desire to check is the power of manifestation of their hidden qualities/abilities, that is a very easy way to detect them.
Carefully observe yourself and analyze your life. Answer the question — whether happened at you such, when your random thoughts about anything has led to certain consequences for that person?
So described many cases where it would seem that the unconscious thoughts of people, strong in energy terms, brought others to the diseases or any trouble.
Do what You have said, or considered myself — soon it will be? Our thoughts are material, and the stronger the inner power of man, the greater may be the consequences of his thoughts or statements.
Watch you attitude to Pets, especially cats. These animals are very sensitive to any type of energy and wonderful feel — good in front of them or a bad person. If a person has enough negative energy, the cat is unlikely to give him a long time to stroke, and even more so to take on hands. Most likely, they will sniff you and then try to increase the distance between themselves and you, if you didn't like it.
Remember that the use of certain energy carries with it great responsibility. Moreover, the laws of life are such that if you use a negative liability is much higher because in this case you can harm others by their actions. Therefore, for experimental verification of their abilities it is better to use the positive qualities.
Try to wish someone something good. For example, recovery or a speedy solution of the problems, and then follow the further fate of this man. If he is all good, try again. If successful, it will be possible to think about what your good intentions helped this man. And it means that you have the necessary base to develop their abilities.
In any case, remember about the responsibility that rests on you. The greater the force, the greater the responsibility for its use. Rash is a great force can lead to tragic consequences. On the contrary — the use of their energy benefit will only increase your power. To much to have a lot to give.