As part of these tests revealed the radius of the biofield and possible flaws. The results of the scan, a person may have a desire to restore the disturbed biofield. Here are a few recommendations for it to do so.
You can always go along the lines of least resistance, and to appeal to people with mystical abilities. You can find them by word of mouth or in specialized centers in which "work" the fortune-tellers, magicians, psychics and other supermen. Depending on the problem, you will be held purification rites, and recovery. You may even have to pass the course.
The restoration of the biofield own also really. The main purpose is systematic. It is scientifically proven that watching films and programs with elements of violence provokes in people the release of energy, which reduces not only the size of the bio-field, but its intensity. So the more positive you will emotions, the healthier the aura. The same continuum of such restrictions will lead to compaction of the structure of the biofield and restore diameter.
How you can restore your biofield and increase its power? Panacea for all meditation. Take a comfortable position for you, but not necessarily sedentary, don't focus on the yoga poses. It's not necessary.
Start step-by-step relaxation and will certainly tell all about yourself. Relaxation start with your toes and are finished for centuries by saying: from the feet away tension and stiffness, they are light and weightless. You must feel what you say. Only after that proceed to other parts of the body.
Normalize your breathing, make it slow, not think about anything. Fifty breaths in the correct state is sufficient.
To exit the state of meditation has also gradually, awakening every part of his body. And that positive energy is distributed in the you correctly, guide acupressure main areas (bridge of nose between the eyes, on each side of the nostrils, on the temples and chin), pull yourself by the ears, up and down.