Advice 1: How to check your energy

Human brains are like a radio: it emits and receives the energy. Because of this people are capable to perceive the surrounding reality. Energy can be divided into physical and free.Physical energy comes to man from eating the food necessary to sustain its vitality of the body. And free energy is creative.
How to check your energy
There is an old folk healing method, which long ago checked the energy potential (internal state). To use it, you must truly believe in the existence of energy fields in humans.
Quack gave aspen splinter man. In the absence of such, you can replace it with an ordinary match.
How to check your <strong>energy</strong>
You need to light it and wait until it burns to the end. Not to burn your fingers, you can match to catch: to take on the charred end, or burn it in two stages - it doesn't matter. It is only important to keep this match the same man, whose energy should be checked.
Why? Because the fire (or rather the so-called plasma comes into contact with existing energy fields of a person. And in result of this interaction changes the properties of wood, located in the center of the flame.
After the match is completely burned, it is necessary to throw in a glass of plain water. If after two or three minutes it would sink, then test the human energy field is disrupted. Anyone can argue: match will naturally sink because the coal is heavier than water. Yes, this is a correct statement, but only from the side of science. The fact is that in certain conditions (when holding match people with a strong enough energy field) does not sink aspen coal, as it ceases to absorb water. Therefore, to understand the experiment better to take still aspen splinter.
If she drowned, do not worry. Maybe it's just there are minor violations in the energy sector (for example, people infected with other people's negative emotions). But if this won't splinter confirms some long-standing concerns, then you need to take urgent measures.

Advice 2 : How to determine power of the person

Everything that exists in the world – people, animals, rocks, trees have their own energy field or, as it is called bioenergy. In fact, the interaction of man with the surrounding world is in a constant exchange of energy and information with other objects. A person who is able to do it better than others, live more harmonious, fulfilling lives.
How to determine power of the person
In the energy field of a person is influenced by many factors. Everything is important – the conditions in which it was conceived the parents if it was done in bad place, at what time of day, day of week, month and year it happened. If the child was conceived during a solar or lunar Eclipse, its energy field will initially be violated, because during the eclipses changes the energy field of the Earth itself.
The energy of the person and from solar activity. People born while the Sun energy is more powerful, more resistant to the external environment. People born from 10 to 21 March, have energy, the ability to attract adventure. Therefore, for such people it is important to do cleaning of your bio-energy, to walk barefoot, to engage in physical labor. Children born in August have a more powerful energy and better health than children born in similar conditions, but in other months.
Normal biofield of a person is egg-shaped form and extends beyond the physical body to 40 centimeters is half a meter. However, you yourself could feel the change in energy of a person when the room includes a new guest, and it seems that it takes too much space and pushed everyone present. On the contrary, the same people who spent the whole night unnoticed, has weak energy.
Thanks to your intuition you will be able to determine the energy of the person and understand if it fits you. For this you only need to listen to their feelings. Don't you notice bouts of weakness after intercourse with a man? If you have exacerbation of chronic disease with prolonged contact with him? Do you feel peace and tranquility, being at close range? Do not swear on it? If all of the questions you have answered "no", it means that the energy field of this person is right for you.
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