Advice 1: How to check your energy

Human brains are like a radio: it emits and receives the energy. Because of this people are capable to perceive the surrounding reality. Energy can be divided into physical and free.Physical energy comes to man from eating the food necessary to sustain its vitality of the body. And free energy is creative.
How to check your energy
There is an old folk healing method, which long ago checked the energy potential (internal state). To use it, you must truly believe in the existence of energy fields in humans.
Quack gave aspen splinter man. In the absence of such, you can replace it with an ordinary match.
How to check your <strong>energy</strong>
You need to light it and wait until it burns to the end. Not to burn your fingers, you can match to catch: to take on the charred end, or burn it in two stages - it doesn't matter. It is only important to keep this match the same man, whose energy should be checked.
Why? Because the fire (or rather the so-called plasma comes into contact with existing energy fields of a person. And in result of this interaction changes the properties of wood, located in the center of the flame.
After the match is completely burned, it is necessary to throw in a glass of plain water. If after two or three minutes it would sink, then test the human energy field is disrupted. Anyone can argue: match will naturally sink because the coal is heavier than water. Yes, this is a correct statement, but only from the side of science. The fact is that in certain conditions (when holding match people with a strong enough energy field) does not sink aspen coal, as it ceases to absorb water. Therefore, to understand the experiment better to take still aspen splinter.
If she drowned, do not worry. Maybe it's just there are minor violations in the energy sector (for example, people infected with other people's negative emotions). But if this won't splinter confirms some long-standing concerns, then you need to take urgent measures.

Advice 2: How to test for psychic ability

Psychic ability, also known as abilities, inherent in every human in varying degrees. Only one of these abilities are in their infancy, others more or less pronounced, and only a very few people these abilities are manifested brightly, and their presence is not in doubt.

It also happens that a person does not know that he has great talent for sorcery or magic. Want to check? This will help you this quiz to test their psychic abilities.
How to test for psychic ability
Answer the test questions (Yes/no):

1. Do you have interest in magic, extrasensory perception, mysticism, paranormal phenomena?

2. Do you dream prophetic dreams?

3. Your favorite time of day – late evening or night?

4. Did you happen to predict or anticipate events that need to happen? Come true do they?

5. Have you had occasions when you have thee speak out the phrase for the other person?

6. Do you feel a tingling sensation of the hands touching the Antiques?

7. You have heightened sensitivity and you "feel" other people?

8. Do you feel subtle energy, for example, the aura, the aura?

9. Do you feel the danger of its occurrence?

10. You better to feel alone than in the company of other people?

11. You strange animals react?

12. You have more energy than most people?

13. Did you find that it changes your eye color?

14. Can you relieve pain, heal with your hands?

15. If a person has hurt you, but he's got something bad happens?

16.If junk appliances (TV, radio, computer) when you are nearby?

17. How have you felt in the dark the presence of astral beings?
Now evaluate the test results. The more Yes answers you score, the more you have psychic or magical abilities.

Advice 3: How to check jinxed you or not

We are exposed to negative forces, without realizing it. Someone may feel fatigue and tension in a conversation with a stranger and do not give importance to this condition. It turns out there are some people will take that can determine jinxed you or not.
How to check jinxed you or not
You will need
  • Egg, glass of water, matches, a Church candle.
Water and fire will endure and will help to determine the evil eye. People who feel unimportant need to pour plain water into the glass and ignite three matches. Then he throws a lighted match into the water and by their location discovers the dark forces. In the case where a match floating in the water and not sink to the bottom, so that no evil eye. When matches have the vertical position – the small evil eye, as if drowned is a strong evil eye.
If after a conversation with a particular person you feel that strength to leave you, and entrenched in the soul of disturbing thoughts, you should consult your intuition. Listen to the inner voice, analyze his condition, which was before the conversation and after. Random nothing happens and if sudden health deteriorated, hence the reason the evil eye.
To determine the evil eye can and using a Church candle. Light a candle and spend some time around them. If the candle crackled, and abundantly flows down the wax, then pointed at the person of dark forces. The Lord's prayer", read many times in the process of this ritual will help to soften the force of a negative.
After this, you should go to Church. The Church has a bright aura and positive energy, is able to cleanse from evil eye and spoilage. You can wash with Holy water and to protect themselves in this way from the black energy.
In the villages used a method of breaking a raw egg over the person's head. If broken egg had black goo, then on the human damage. Be vigilant and careful.

Advice 4: How to check yourself for a spell

Using a love spell, people rarely think about the consequences. However, the intervention in the energy of sacrifice can lead to a sharp deterioration of her health. Illogical behavior, aggression towards loved ones, confusion, frequent illness is a sign of love spellthat you can diagnose yourself.
proverit na privorot
You will need
  • - A photograph of a victim of a love spell;
  • - Deep dish;
  • Water;
  • - A fresh egg;
  • Knife;
  • - Church candles;
  • - Silver object.
Check for a love spell performed by various methods, including a popular use of chicken eggs. It is desirable to apply for the ritual fresh eggs, purchased on a private courtyard. Within 3 minutes, hold it over the picture of the man who may have been the victim of a love spell either on myself. Then, put the photograph in front of a deep plate filled with water. Break the egg shell with a knife and pour the contents into the water. Protein muddy with an unpleasant smell definitely indicates the presence of a love spell.
Use the egg may be different. Fill a glass with clean water in half and gently breaking the shell, pour it into the egg. Be careful not to damage the yolk. Undress from the waist up and sit down. A glass of egg put on top of her head. In this position you need to sit at least a minute. Remove the beaker from the top and look at the egg. If it were not modified, calm down, the spell was not. If it is good visible bubbles, fringe or the yolk looks like it's been made, look for the psychic to remove the spell.
To determine the spell with the help of wax. Buy Church candles and cut one of them into small pieces. Before deep dish with water, put a picture of the victim and hold it over her or over myself for 3 minutes with a container of wax. Melt the wax in the fire of the other candles and pour into the water in one swift motion. Remove hardened wax from the water and carefully consider its shape. If the wax has hardened in the form of irregular structure with many branches and muddy holes, the spell is the place to be. If the wax is frozen in the form of a flat piece, the energy of the person no one interfered.
Another method to learn about the restore spell, a self-test with the help of Church candles. If you suspect that you put a love spell, light a candle and take it in your right hand. Raise your candle to the level of the heart. In his left hand holding a silver piece. Closing his eyes, try to focus on thoughts about the reality of the spell. After 10 minutes, look at the candle. If the flame POPs, chadit or sways, it means that the spell was induced.
To diagnose the spell, not necessarily participate in the ritual on the victim. Enough to have a person's photo, taken recently and in full growth.
Useful advice
Upon identifying the spell is not desirable to use tap water. Only use Holy water or well.
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