There is an old folk healing method, which long ago checked the energy potential (internal state). To use it, you must truly believe in the existence of energy fields in humans.
Quack gave aspen splinter man. In the absence of such, you can replace it with an ordinary match.
How to check your <strong>energy</strong>
You need to light it and wait until it burns to the end. Not to burn your fingers, you can match to catch: to take on the charred end, or burn it in two stages - it doesn't matter. It is only important to keep this match the same man, whose energy should be checked.
Why? Because the fire (or rather the so-called plasma comes into contact with existing energy fields of a person. And in result of this interaction changes the properties of wood, located in the center of the flame.
After the match is completely burned, it is necessary to throw in a glass of plain water. If after two or three minutes it would sink, then test the human energy field is disrupted. Anyone can argue: match will naturally sink because the coal is heavier than water. Yes, this is a correct statement, but only from the side of science. The fact is that in certain conditions (when holding match people with a strong enough energy field) does not sink aspen coal, as it ceases to absorb water. Therefore, to understand the experiment better to take still aspen splinter.
If she drowned, do not worry. Maybe it's just there are minor violations in the energy sector (for example, people infected with other people's negative emotions). But if this won't splinter confirms some long-standing concerns, then you need to take urgent measures.