It is believed that the cosmic karmic laws apply to all. According to them, every event has a cause, i.e. everything that happens in the moment, to do with what happened before. Karmic law says that all events in human life are consequences of previous actions, of behavior, of choices made. If at least approximately determine your karma, you can live your life more consciously.
To diagnose your karma in different ways. The easiest and most reliable is to go to a psychic or fortune-teller. This method will require financial costs, moreover, it is very difficult to find a good specialist in the field of esotericism without recommendations from friends and acquaintances.
If you decide to find out their karma this way, does not contact the first online ad, do not chase big names, better ask friends who are "in the know" if they had any good fortune tellers. This approach will save you from disappointment. By the way, you should not believe the technician who promises, for a large sum to fix your karma, it doesn't work. To change the causal relationships, you need to spend the time and effort to understanding just what is happening to you.
No matter how the hired expert will determine your karma, if before the trial he will be able to briefly explain their work and answer all your questions. If the psychic gets direct answers, explains the principles of operation are confusing and can not clarify the contentious issues, look for another expert.
You can own learn own karma, for this you need a bit of time and effort to understand yourself. It is enough to analyze events that occur with you now and has happened in the past, to trace where they "grow legs". At this stage it is important to pay attention to their relatives, friends and loved ones. Usually people with similar karma come together.
There are four stages of karma. The first is the prarabdha-karma, that is karma, which manifests itself for a specific period of time. In this case the man definitely knows what deeds committed in the past, caused problems in the present. The next step is appropria karma-karma or unmanifest reaction. In this case, the future of man influence his actions in the present that he can do consciously. If a person commits evil exclusively in the future (the unknown or unmanifest reaction) he was only waiting for negative consequences to that time, he will not change the behaviour. The third stage in the development of rudha karma is karma. In this case, a person can feel or even anticipate, as something in his future starts. On a subconscious level the person is able to learn or be aware of their karma and to understand the preconditions of future events. The fourth stage is called bija-karma, in this case, all bad things have been done in the past, but the punishment still happened. Bija-karma explains why suddenly innocent people are dying in accidents or from accidents, for them it's time bija-karma, and they are paying for the sins of past incarnations.