This exercise you can perform just before bedtime. Turn off the lights, then pull hands and feet, thus don't mix them. Close your eyes.
Feel your body as a whole. Mentally go through the whole body, relaxing him at the same time, from head to toe. Now imagine that through your body are the seven rays. The colors of these rays should match the colors of the seven major chakras.
Start with the lower root chakra - Muladhara. From the bottom up through the area of this chakra take a bright red beam. Navigate to the abdomen, three fingers below the navel is the area of the sacral chakra Svadhisthana. Swipe through up the orange beam. Do the same with the other chakras. Swipe the yellow beam from the area of the solar plexus chakra Manipura. Green light - from the heart -
Anahata. Blue - the throat chakra Vishuddha. A beam of Indigo point from the area of the third eye - Agni. And finally, from the area just above the top of the head - Sahasrara - help the purple light.
Thus, you are lying, as if pierced by seven rays of different colours, chained them to the ground. Listen to your feelings. This condition must be very comfortable for you.
And so then mentally ask Mother Earth to take you all the accumulated negativity, all the bad things that have accumulated for the day, and send all it's rays down into the earth. With this you can feel from your body if something starts using these rays to sleep, as if it were the sand of Sunny hours. In a few moments you will feel the full emptiness of the body, as if it were the empty vessel.
And again, refer to the earth: "Mother Earth, fill me with your earth power!" Mentally watch through all the seven colored rays of the hollow space of your body, every area and corner is filled with energy, like a Golden, sparkling bunch. Energy flows freely and shimmers through your body, giving it its strength and warmth.
Some time stay in this state. Then make another appeal - to the Universe, to the Cosmos. Mentally ask him to fill you with cosmic, universal energy. The energy that will fill you, will be blue or bluish-silver in color, and in the same way will sparkle and sparkle.
When you feel sufficient fullness, start to mix these two energies (Golden, warm and
blue silver, cool) in the body. It is not excluded that by this point you are already asleep. Your sleep will be deep and at the same time, highly beneficial. The morning awakening will be much easier and your body will be filled with power and energy.