You will need
  • herbal infusions
  • - herbal tea of rose hips, juniper, cranberry leaf, parsley root
  • - kidney tea
  • - grapes, black currants, peppers, asparagus, parsley, celery
In the first place is to slightly reduce the fluid intake, but in any case should not allow a strong sense of thirst. It is best to drink purified water, cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks. We need to completely eliminate soda, sugary drinks containing caffeine.
To prevent swelling you whento take herbal teas, herbal teas from such plants as rose, juniper, cowberry leaf, parsley root. Well-proven kidney tea. Herbal drinks are best consumed no later than 6 PM, half an hour before meals, dividing the daily dose into 3-4 atEMA.
You need to balance your daily diet, limiting the consumption of salt, smoked, spicy and fried meals, confectionery. If there are no contraindications, to improve blood supply a good idea to include in your diet garlic and onions. Will help remove the swelling in pregnancy are undernative diuretic foods like grapes, black currant, PAwithka, asparagus, parsley, celery.
To avoid fluid accumulation in the lower body, it is not recommended to stand long or sit in one place. Periodically change the position of the body perform a circular motion foot, and even better stand up and take a short walk. During sleep better when youto adopt a comfortable position with his feet on a small elevation and sleep on your left side.
Remove the swelling during pregnancy by using light gymnastics and massage. If there are no contraindications, it is good to swim in the pool. Even the usual leisurely walk and basic exercises for the legs give a positive result.
Choose comfortable clothes and shoes, avoiding too close a models that hinder blood circulation and too high heels. Try to rest more, especially in hot weather.