Due to the increase in blood volume, many pregnant women in the second half of pregnancy edema. Most often, the fluid retained in the tissues of the lower extremities: swollen ankle and lower leg. If the swelling has no pathological causes (cardiovascular disease, preeclampsia, renal disease), to cope with the physiological edema is not difficult.
The most effective cure for swelling and remedy for their prevention is movement. Sedentary life-style contributes to excess accumulation of fluid in tissues, so pregnant women are advised to move more: walk, walk, perform simple physical exercises. Simple daily exercises coordinated with the attending physician, will help to improve blood circulation in the legs and to get rid of puffiness. It is useful to raise the feet from the prone position and keep them elevated for 10-15 minutes, leaning on a chair or sofa.
Another proven remedy for edema during pregnancy – a bath with sea salt and massage the feet. For massage you can use a special massager or rough sponge. The temperature of the water in the foot bath should not exceed 30-35 °C. In water, add a little lavender oil has a relaxing effect. After the procedure, you can lubricate the foot cream with cooling menthol.
To prevent edema, reduce the amount of salt in your daily diet. In addition, you should limit the consumption of foods rich in sodium. The amount of salt consumed per day should not exceed 1.5 g Water in the body holds not only salt, but also some spices. Avoid during pregnancy from spicy and exotic dishes, from pickles and spicy foods. Also doctors advise to give up the sweet juices and carbonated drinks which only increase thirst and contribute to increased edema.
In any case it is impossible to restrict fluid intake. If we refuse to water, swelling is not reduced: dehydrated the body tends to retain more moisture and swelling intensify. To prevent swelling you should drink at least 2,5-3 liters of water a day.
Finally, if the second half of pregnancy falls on the hottest time of year, the woman is less likely to be in the sun and wear loose clothing that won't constrict movement. In hot weather, the fluid retention is observed even in healthy people, so in summer season, pregnant women are advised to walk in the shade and avoid overheating.