The most simple definition of edema in pregnant women is the way pressure on the skin with fingers. If done after the procedure, the skin quickly flattens, it means that everything is in order. If is a hole, most likely you have swelling.
To identify their presence will help test and McClure-Aldrich. He is in charge of pregnant subcutaneously 0.25 ml of a physical solution. Next, pinpoint the time of resorption of the drug. If it exceeds 35-45 minutes, that means excess fluid in the body.
Often swelling when youfind a hidden character, and determine on their eyes is hard enough. To diagnose the disease weigh yourself regularly, measure blood pressure and monitor urine. If if ifvechnom the food intake you recover more than 300-400 g per week, this may indicate the presence of edema.
Another popular method for the study of diuresis. To do this, compare the amount of fluid you drink (it includes soups, tea and coffee)and urine within one day. The norm here is when urine volume is 3/4 of the amount consumed in this day of water. The remaining liquid should be allocated in the form of sweat and in the breath.