To get rid of excess fluid in the body refrain from eating foods containing substances that retain water in the body. Avoid salt and salty foods, eggs, red meat, sugar, honey, yeast, syrups, cakes, dairy products, cheeses, chocolate, butter, potato chips, fried foods, mayonnaise, sauces and gravies, alcohol.
Drink herbal and green teas, tea with milk, tea with lemon balm or cranberries, broth hips, cumin or hawthorn, mate tea, water with lemon juice.
Regularly eat foods that contribute to reduce swelling. Include in your diet cucumber, watermelon and melon, celery and baked potatoes, beans, oats and brown rice, green apples, nonfat yogurt and milk, sorrel and nettles, the juice of viburnum and Rowan, and beetroot. Poor nutrition leads to a disruption in the body's balance of electrolytes: potassium ions, sodium and chlorine.
To withdraw more fluid from the body, regularly go to the sauna or steam bath.
Three times a week, take a bath, helps to remove puffiness and to remove excess liquid. Add bath sea salt (300g) and soda (500g), spend half an hour in the water. After taking a bath the body losing about 500 g of water.
In sedentary work as often as possible make sure to stretch your toes and perform a circular rotation of the feet. Do not throw the legs, do not wear tight shoes, so as not to provoke the circulation of blood in the legs. For 10 minutes before you go to bed, lie down with raised legs, and then actively RUB their in the direction from the feet to the knees. Diversify physical activity on the body daily Jogging, swimming or speed walking.
Do to feet a contrast shower. Several times, change the hot water to cool. Finish the adoption of a contrast shower only with cool water.
In addition to these methods, you can use diuretics, but their use must be very careful not to provoke dehydration.