Primarily eat those foods that do not cause an increased thirst. Therefore during pregnancy should be advised to abstain from spicy, canned and salty. Especially in cases when talking about thick and hearty dinner. A similar situation almost a hundred percent guarantee morning rise with swollen feet, hands and eyelids above the eyes.
Prevention of edema easier than their treatment. So it is much easier to control the amount of consumed and secreted fluid (otherwise, this process called diuresis), rather than daily to undergo medical treatment. In the case when the desire to drink overrides all other and not lagging behind, you can try in the evening to rinse your mouth with water or SIP green tea with intervals of 15-20 minutes.
The normalization of the power system often enough helps to prevent excess swelling. This requires daily use of a sufficient amount of food containing calcium. Help and receiving appropriate vitamins, but they also need to harmonize with the leading pregnancy gynecologist.
To the kidneys more successfully coped with the increased load, try herbal teas. Especially successfully operates a sheet of dried cranberries. But before using this tool it is advisable to consult a doctor.