Visit the nearest post office with telephone booths. Find balance with your home phone , you can use installed in the hall for visitors to the terminals. Some post offices not equipped with the negotiating points also have these terminals, as there are many call centers that are not aligned with the post office. Use the keypad to enter the number of your phone and the terminal, on reflection, will show on the screen the amount of expenditure at the end of the month and the amount you should pay. Such information is available separately for the services of city and long distance telephone services.
Visit your local or urban telephone exchange - where you can ask the operator not only balance, but also to ask for a detailed printout of your incoming and outgoing phone calls from your number.
Call the customer service or an information service provider, with whom you have a contract for the provision of urban and intercity telephone communication. The operator on duty can provide information on the amount of balanceand your phone bill. Be prepared for the fact that in addition to the number of the phone, the operator may ask you to call the contract number or the name and surname of the person who concluded this agreement.
Send a TEXT message to the short number allocated by your operator to inform subscribers about the balances on their accounts. This service is usually free, although it is not yet all operators of fixed telephony. On the operator's site or telephone technical support you need to specify the format of such messages. It must be specified the landline phone and a reference code information that you want to get. To learn this method as a common balance of all services, and separate amounts for local, long distance and Internet connection.
Take advantage of the personal Cabinet of subscriber, if your stationar communication operator provides this service. Logged on the statistics server operator, you will find in the private area details the expenditures by months and remains balanceand separately for local, long distance and Internet connection.