Features of Biogel

Modern women bought in beauty salons the most fashionable types of manicure and the most innovative types of coating for nails. One of the recent new directions in this area is the covering of nails Biogel.

Biogel is a polymeric material that contains an artificial protein, making possible to achieve splicing of molecules with molecules of the natural nail. In frozen form, the product resembles silicone. It is an alternative to conventional gel, which has slightly different characteristics.

With the aid of Biogel can strengthen their nails, make them more voluminous. Nails, which are applied this product, look alive. Colored Biogel allows not only to improve the shape of the nail plate, but also to give it a certain color. This manicure lasts on the nails up to 3 weeks.

Nail Polish and gel Polish

Nail Polish has long become a classic. This option manicure is applicable not only in salon but also at home. To cover the nail varnish alone can every woman.

Unfortunately, the nail Polish is too unstable. Even with all the rules of drawing and the use of the product is good quality, the coating can last on nails up to 5 days.

Many modern women prefer gel varnish, which is much more resistant than conventional coating. He is able to stay on the nails for up to 3 weeks without cracking and chipping. This lacquer hardens only under a special lamp.

Which option to choose

Every woman can decide for themselves which option is coating her choose. Biogel is more costly to do this type of manicure can only be in the salon, but it gives your nails extra volume and improve their shape. When using it you can forget about the need to repaint the nail plate of 2-3 weeks.

To cover the nail varnish just. This variant cover is very economical. On the other hand, the Polish stays on the nails for a few days.

Gel manicure and gel Polish essential. This manicure really love business women and those women who do not like to go often to the salon.

Groupies ordinary nail Polish like the traditional type of covering for the fact that the hues can be changed every day. Lac urgent for those women who are constantly experimenting on its way.