Most often, the nail plate becomes uneven because of an injury. In this case it is necessary, first, to make the grinding of the nail. Shlifovanie materials must be for the natural nail, not too large grain. Sanding is recommended to do once a week, to healing and smoothing of the nail plate. After sanding the nails , you can RUB vitamin "Aevit", and also to do the bath of warm olive oil. The main task is to mend the injured portion of the nail, so you must create all the conditions for rapid growth. Coat the nail tools that enhance the growth, leveling the nail plate containing Teflon and silk.
How to align <strong>nails</strong>
Nails are a kind of barometer showing the health or ill health of the internal organs. Heart disease, renal, thyroid, allergic reactions – all of which can affect the nails, making them rough, dull, yellow or cracking. In this case, the main thing – to eliminate the problem rather than to heal its consequences, because in the presence of any disease, how many nail do not treat, the problem will return again and again. Once you visit your doctor and eliminate disease is to drink a course of vitamins (special for the growth of nails and hair, but doctors still recommend multivitamins), some times make a grinding or strengthen nails, resin, gel or silk.
How to align <strong>nails</strong>
This disease is quite common, especially in the summer. You can become infected not only wearing someone else's shoes or not wearing Slippers in the swimming pool, but also offline, if you do not follow the rules of hygiene and temperature. With foot fungus easily enters onto the nails of the hands, also making them rough, thickened, brittle, yellowed. For the treatment need to have special ointments for fungal infections, sold in any pharmacy and a special varnish. To treat the surface of the nail during treatment should be rinsing after each hand or every three hours.
How to align <strong>nails</strong>
With a bad heredity in terms of nail to fight hard. Doctors give advice for people born with not very good nail to take calcium and to strengthen and align the nail building using natural materials – resin, silk. It costs not very cheap, but health and beauty is worth it.
How to align <strong>nails</strong>