You will need
  • If you want to make gel nails, you need a special ultraviolet lamp and a kit for nail. Usually it consists of transparent and white gel, liquid for degreasing, paint remover for the sticky layer, nail file, shape and brush for nails and applying the gel.
To start prepare the nail work. Remove all remnants of the nail and the cuticle. Now a little Polish the surface with a nail file. Avoid circular motions, they can damage the nail plate. Once the nail becomes matte, apply a degreasing liquid.

Now take a shape and insert it under the edge of the nail plate. While the white edge of the nail should be at least 3 millimeters.
All ready to apply the gel. Using a special brush, take a small ball of gel and apply it on the nail and form. Distribute the gel form is best to get the nails (2-3 mm) longer than the desired. Later it can be used to create the desired shape and size.

If the gel flowed unevenly, then wait for a while, he distributed across the nail. After one or two minutes, dry the nails under the UV lamp.

If necessary, apply the gel several times in the same sequence.
At the end of the building take shape from under the nail. Remove sticky layer with a special liquid. Then use the nail file and give the nail the desired shape and size. Clean the nail brush.

Apply to the surface of the nail another final layer of gel. Dry it under the lamp and remove the sticky layer.
You can now cover your new nail varnish. Within half an hour better not to have contact with water, otherwise the nails can flake off.