You will need
  • - cotton pads;
  • - the means for removing nail Polish with acetone;
  • foil;
  • - nail files.
Most safely and quickly remove gel manicure in the salon, specializing in nail care. An experienced master easily and quickly remove the nail coating, when the power of the special tools-very disappointed. For this cotton or rag disc well saturated with the necessary composition and applied to the nail. Then, from a strong foil make caps and worn on top of a cotton swab. Biogel will become soft after 5-10 minutes and quickly removed the nail tools nail plate. Then the nails immediately can be coated by any suitable coating or just paint lacquer.
If you go to a salon is not possible, try to remove the Biogel from the surface of the nails by yourself. First gently scratch a small nail file the top layer of the gel. This should be done carefully so as not to hurt themselves nail plate.
Take remedy nail Polish remover containing acetone. If the acetone is not present, then softening Biogel fail. A cotton pad a well wet liquid and place on the nail. To pair the acetone does not evaporate, on top of a nail wrap tight with foil, turning it to the frosted side on the inside. After 15 minutes loosen the nail from fleece and a piece of foil. Biogel should be soft, like rubber film and easily removed with an orange stick. If the coating is not pre-cut, to keep the liquid with acetone on the nail you need at least 25 minutes. Remove the foil alternately with each finger. The fact that the Biogel air can quickly freeze and it will again soften.
Exempt from coverage nails, carefully Polish with a special nail file. Put several layers of reinforcing the base and massage into the cuticle special emollient oil. So you can slightly minimize the damage from home procedure to remove the Biogel. Within a few days do the bath for nails with sea salt or povtorite in the nail plate the lemon juice. Nails require a course of recovery procedures after the process of removing the coating.
Keep in mind the caveat that the acetone is quite corrosive liquid. So it can damage the surface of your nails and lead to the appearance of the roughness and irregularities. In the end, a perfect manicure with varnish coating after removal of the gel manicure at home may not be possible.