In the morning, during the daily routines of washing, the newborn should be cleaned with a place for the ears dipped in warm boiled water wadded disks.
Pinna of the newborn it is best to clean during the evening swimming. To do this, the baby's head should be turning. Soaked in warm boiled water or mineral water, pre-pilled cotton cushion, you need to carefully wipe all of the folds of the Pinna of the newborn. Instead homemade cotton swabs to clean the ears of a newborn , you can use the special cotton buds with limiter. Of course, cleaning each ear you will need a cotton cushion.
Ear canal the newborn baby to clean should not, in order to avoid various injuries. In addition, careless movements when cleaning the ears of a newborn in the area ear canal, you can push the earwax towards the eardrum, thereby causing blockage.
Children's ears do not like moisture, so after swimming newbornin his ears, you can insert small lumps of cotton minutes 3 that all the extra liquid will absorb.
By the way, very actively pushed earwax from newborn sucking. So morning ear cleaning can be carried out immediately after feeding the baby.
In addition, caring parents should be aware that to clean the ears of a newborn in any case you cannot use ordinary cotton swabs.