You will need
  • 1)Akvamaris, peach or mineral oil or breast milk;
  • 2)sterile cotton wool;
  • 3)clean cotton pads.
First of all, you should prepare everything that will be needed when cleaning the nose of a newborn to during the procedure not to run here and there.
Followed by the twist of sterile gauze special flagella to clean children's nose. It is not difficult. From a large piece of cotton wool should tear off thin strips with a length of 10-15cm. You need to try to tear the strips so that their width was about the same throughout its length. Only one procedure will need 4 pieces. These cotton strips need to twist the elastic cords (3-5mm), which, in turn, need to fold in half and twist again. The flagella to clean the nose of a newborn baby are ready.
5 minutes before cleaning newborn nose should be drip 1-2 drops "Akvamaris", vaseline or peach oil, or the mother's breast milk in each nostril. This is done in order to soften crusts formed by dried mucus.
Now one, pre-cooked tightly rolled cotton flagellum, you need to put in the nostril of the little 1.5-2cm and rotate it several times around its axis. Then this procedure should be done with the other nostril. Optionally, if the crusts from the nose the first time to get failed, you need to clean the nostrils with a cotton flagella again.
The remnants of mucus or oil should be removed from the outside of the nose clean with a cotton disk.
This procedure is cleaning the nose of the newborn should be carried out daily: after waking up the baby and before bedtime.