Symptoms of ear infections

In order to know precisely what a pain in the ears brings certain discomfort to the baby, carefully press down on the tragus. The so-called part of the ear that covers the entrance to the channel. If you noticed that this procedure is unpleasant baby, he cried, shuddered, this means that problems with the ears still there.

Should immediately seek help at a professional medical facility, if the baby has the following symptoms:

naughty, worse behave;
- trouble sleeping, especially at night, screams, moans during sleep;
- became restless and irritable;
- greenish or yellow discharge from the ear, sometimes mixed with blood;
- nasal discharge;
- temperature rose.


Otitis externa occurs when the infection gets to the surface of the skin of the external auditory canal during a combing hair or cleaning ears. The symptoms of this disease: a translucent discharge, redness around the ear canal.

Erysipelas occurs as a result of various skin lesions and microcracks. Symptoms: bubbles on the outside of the ear canal red and swollen auricle, chills, fever.

Inflammation of the hair follicle or boil appears due to a temporary drop in immune system and trauma. Symptoms: enlarged lymph nodes, pain in the ear. The boil is slow, and then Matures and bursts, releasing the pus.

Treatment of inflammation of the outer ear with a light course of the disease can be carried out at home: balms, ointments, lotions. In the presence of complications, hospitalization of the patient and the appointment of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs by a qualified technician.

As a result of complications after the SARS may be acute otitis media. Infection from the nasopharynx via the Eustachian tube eventually ends up in the ear. In addition, this may be getting formula or breast milk from the nasopharynx into the ear of the baby when feeding. Symptoms: lethargy, fever, ear pain, and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting.

If the ear went pus, which means that otitis media moved to purulent. The disease a number of complications goes into methodit – severe inflammation of the mastoid process of the temporal bone.

Treatment of inflammation of the middle ear is appointed solely by the attending physician. In acute otitis media specialist prescribes a vasoconstrictor nasal drops, antibiotics, and warm compresses.