Morning toilet of a newborn should be carried out after his feeding, when baby is fed and no longer wants to sleep. The entire complex consists of several procedures.

Washing away

The first thing you need to release your baby from the diaper. Then podmosti baby warm running water. If the contamination cannot be washed off, you can use baby soap.

Pidmyvayuchy boy, put it on one hand so that his chest and belly on your forearm, and his head lay in the elbow bend. Wash the back, buttocks and crotch of the baby. Then rinse the genitals. The girl is a bit trickier. Turn it up belly and podmosti, moving from front to back. This is to prevent infection in the sex gap.

After washing the baby, wrap it in a soft towel and Pat the skin. In the absence of hot water come to the aid of baby wipes. However, you should not use them too often.

Processing navel

For processing umbilical wound you'll need hydrogen peroxide, a solution of chlorophyllipt and the usual green paint. Moisten a cotton swab with peroxide and gently treat the place of the navel. Clean with a dry stick, remove the sodden crust and the resulting pollution. Then treat the wound with an alcoholic solution of chlorophyllipt or brilliant green.

Some doctors do not recommend to use disinfectant, as due to staining of the skin can not see the arising of redness, blood or purulent discharge.

Prevention of diaper rash

Choosing a massage oil or lotion for the baby, pay attention to its composition. It is best to use products made from natural ingredients: wheat germ, peach seed, etc. Avoid makeup that contains mineral oil, paraffin and silicones.

Pour a small amount into the palm and spread it on all the child folds: behind ears, neck, armpits, elbow and knee folds, wrists, palms and the soles of the feet and groin.


To wash baby in the first months of its life, use only boiled water. Moisten a cotton pad and treat the one eye kid, moving from the inner corner to the outer. Take a blank disk and repeat the same with the second eye. With the appearance of a slight purulent discharge, you can replace the water with chamomile extract. Then wipe the baby's face with another cotton pad.

Smooth vkruchivayutsya movements clean the nose and ears of a baby, using cotton wicks. Do not climb too deep. Also categorically it is forbidden to use for these purposes, cotton swabs, matches and other solid objects.