If you feel stuffy in the ear, before brushing, rinse the ear canal with hydrogen peroxide or mineral oil. Hold for 10 minutes. The ear it is desirable to mass.
у щенка накапливается сера
Take a cotton pad or cotton ball. Attach it to your ear.
как почистить уши собаке
Tilt your head so that the liquid flowed out.
как избавиться от запаха изо рта у собаки
Now you will need cotton buds. Gently clean them an ear. Insert into the ear canal so that it doesn't hurt. If you experience any pain, stop brushing his ear or just remove the wand.
как котенку почистить уши
If you have a stuffy ear and after cleaning it nothing has changed, then contact the professional who with the help of specially tool to inspect the inner ear. Sometimes inflammation, in which any mechanical movement cause pain.