You will need
  • cotton wool;
  • cotton sticks with limiter;
  • boiled water;
  • baby oil;
  • baby soap;
  • baby scissors with rounded ends;
  • means for bathing.
Cleansing of the face. Remove the remnants of milk on the baby's face using a dampened cotton wool or wet wipes. This can be done not only in the morning and evening, and the extent of contamination.
Rinsing the eye. This should be done twice a day with cotton wool soaked in boiled or filtered water. The movement should be from the outer edge to the inner. For each eye use a separate cotton wool.
Cleansing the ears. To clean the ears necessarily in the presence of sulfur in it and debris. You can do it every day. In any case, do not use for cleaning of baby's ears is a simple cotton swab is unsafe! Get a special baby cotton swabs with limiter, or use the flagellum wrapped in cotton wool. Cotton is better to take cotton. Synthetic wool to make the flagellum is extremely difficult. Cotton wool is sold in pharmacies in the form of a tightly curled roll.
Moistening of the nose. Mucosa baby's wet. Besides it is necessary to remove crusts, which often form in the nose in infants and complicate the baby's breath. Just twist the flagellum of cotton wool, slightly soak it in baby oil (the oil should not drip from the fleece) and insert into baby's nose, scroll flagellum between his fingers, to lubricate the mucous and clean corestock. For each nostril, use their flagella. Can use baby cotton swabs, but be sure to have a limiter. While cotton flagellum is the safest way to clean children's nose and ears.
Hand wash. The sooner you start to wash your hands baby, the better. Clean hands is one way to avoid such common for children intestinal infections. According to physicians wash hands the child a better up to 8 times a day. Get used to wash themselves with soap hands before each contact with the child and teach from an early age the child to clean hands.
Nail nails on the hands and feet. To do this, buy special baby scissors with rounded ends. Cut nails better than little and often. Too long nails of babies break easily.
Bathing. Baby need every day. If bathing invigorates your child, do it in the morning. But if your little one is fast asleep after a bath, then it is better to bathe in the evening. At first, it's better to bathe together with her husband. This help you, and the way to attract the father of the child to the process of caring for a baby. To use for bathing is required once or twice a week. Too frequent bathing with soap will strongly desiccate the skin of the newborn.
Shampooing. Wash the baby's head just water required at each bathing, as the kids head sweats a lot. But the use of the shampoo is not the more one or two times a week. It is convenient to purchase for the kid for a bath "from head to feet". This means you can wash body and hair of the child. Before buying, always make sure that the tool is recommended for babies from the first days of life and does not sting the eyes (these notes must be on the packaging).