You will need
  • - dumpling dough;
  • - baby cream;
  • - soft sponge;
  • - breadcrumbs;
  • - med.
Any traditional methods for the removal of the bristles is newborn absolutely safe for baby and do not cause any harm to the skin, as it is based on the use of natural resources.
If your baby sleeps badly, cries a lot, when swaddling is trying to arch his back and throw back his head, probably prevents him bristle. To delete it, densely knead dumpling dough, daily for 10-15 days they roll out the back of the baby. Do it very carefully, not massaging, not pushing. After rolling out immediately bathe the baby, RUB baby cream.
Another way to get rid of the bristles is to use breadcrumbs. The bread must be very fresh, so easily crushed and rolled into a ball. The procedure also should be carried out before bathing in 10-15 days.
Instead of a bread dumpling dough and use flour, rolled with honey. The proportions of the ingredients should be equal. If liquid honey, adjust the proportion of eyes to get the elastic tight ball. If the baby suffers from allergic reactions, cheeks red, to use bee products even for outdoor use is unsafe. So consult with the local pediatrician.
Bathing toddler, soft sponge or cloth to gently RUB the back. After the procedure, lubricate the back of a greasy baby cream. Bristle eventually disappears on its own.
Traditional medicine officially States that the presence of bristles have a baby refers to a popular belief and has nothing to do with reality. The remains of vellus hair are unable to deliver the child no trouble.
To remove the bristle or not, only you can decide. Who used traditional methods of removing the bristles, note that the child becomes much calmer, sleeps better, less waking up, stops curving back and put your head back.