You will need
  • Wool, vegetable oil, cotton swabs with limiter, special medicines for nasal lavage.
If you have recently become a mom, remember that how well you carry out daily hygienic procedures will depend on the health of your baby. Handle spout newborn daily. Be sure to carry out this procedure immediately after waking up the kid, and then, if necessary, repeat it again tonight.
To clean nose newborn, wash your hands with soap and water. Remember that the baby can be touched only with clean hands. Next, take two pieces of cotton, soak them in warm boiled water or warmed olive oil, wring, twist them in turundeki that constitute ordinary cotton wicks. They should not be too thin. Otherwise, their use will not lead to the desired result.
Prepared turundeki in turn enter into each nostril and remove rotational motion. Please remember that for each nostril, you must use a cotton flagellum. If a one-time cleaning is not enough and the nose still ostaetsya slime, clean it again using a different turundeki.
To handle spout newborn can use special cotton swabs to stop. Thus use caution, as excessive activity of the baby and inept use of chopsticks, you can cause the newborn discomfort.
If the nose of the child is clogged with dry scabs, you should first to soften them, and then to clean out the nasal passages. Use one of the special drugs sold in the pharmacy. The most popular of them - "Akvamaris", "Physiomer", "saline". These funds are made on the basis of sea salt and constitute normal saline.
If the newborn appeared plentiful allocation from a nose, do consult a district pediatrician. Perhaps he will assign the child special drops for the prevention of colds.