You will need
  • modem;
  • - SIM card of "MegaFon";
  • - the contract for the provision of services;
  • computer.
Select a kit. Set with a 3G USB modem E173 or 3G USB modem E352 is 1149 rubles, and with a 3G USB modem E367 -1799 rubles. The company "Megaphone" to ensure the performance of 3G USB modems only with a SIM card of a network "the Megaphone". When buying a kit make a contract for the provision of communication services according to the chosen tariff plan.
Connect the "MegaFon 3G modem" to the Internet without configuring anything. Installing additional drivers is not required. Everything you need to access to the world network is already activated in the new device compatible with all operating systems. Connect the modem to the USB port and the software starts up by default. The modem will even allow you to specify the information to connect to the Internet – time access to the network and the amount of the downloaded data.
New work in 3G networks and in long-organized mobile networks. A 3G modem allows you to quickly access wireless Internet access wherever takes "the Megaphone". The service is available in roaming.
Pay for unlimited mobile Internet from 350 RUB. per month. The highest adoption rate and data transmission in the network depends on the technical capabilities of the network and a particular model of modem. A speed limit of 64 Kbps per month Internet connection starts to act in excess of the traffic on 8-14 GB (depending on how many months you have already enjoyed 3G Internetom). However, it is possible to connect the option "prolong speed!".