Description and types of tariffs "All inclusive"

"All inclusive" for subscribers performing many calls, actively sending SMS and using mobile Internet. These facilities can be used subject to a monthly fee. Within the All-inclusive rate can be identified 4 of its form. It plans S, M, L and VIP. They differ in the number of included services and a monthly fee.

The minimum package of tariff S for 350 p. allows you to make 400 minutes of calls, send 100 SMS and MMS and use mobile Internet up to 1GB with no speed limit. In the tariff plan MegaFon - L 1800 minutes included in the home network, 1800 messages and 8 GB of Internet traffic. The subscription fee is 1290 Euro a month. Rate M - for SMS and 600 minutes and 3GB Internet traffic. The monthly fee is 590 Euro a month. Finally, the maximum package for 2500 Euro a month gives you the opportunity to make calls with a total duration of 5000 minutes, send 5000 SMS and includes 15 GB of Internet traffic.

The connection methods of All-inclusive

Connect rate at any sales office of the Megaphone. To receive information about their location on the website of the service provider. You must have a passport and the amount of the advance payment of the first month according to the tariff plan.

You can also use the online store on the website Megaphone. To this end, next to the chosen tariff plan (S, M, L or VIP) press the button "add to cart". You can also directly choose the desired advanced options. Next you need to login or continue without registration. When placing the order online to pick up a number and choose the type of SIM card (regular, MicroSim or NanoSim). The site also immediately offered to fill in a questionnaire subscriber that will reduce the time of the contract. It contains personal information about the subscriber, his address, passport details. For residents of Moscow within the ring road the connectivity package will be delivered free of charge, but you can pick it up at any sales office. To pay the tariff in cash, by credit card or by Bank transfer (for legal entities).

These methods are suitable for those who is not yet a subscriber of MegaFon. If you decide to go the All-inclusive package with another tariff plan you need to dial USSD *105*0033# and press the call button. This combination is valid for Moscow and some other regions, St. Petersburg - *146*28#. The balance will be written off monthly fee for first month. The transition to the tariff free.

Also, current subscribers can contact the office to change operation of the tariff.