1. So you picked up or bought a new kitten. Where do you start accustom the animal to a new home and a new life? Usually kittens are settled in your new place pretty quickly, which is why it is recommended to take the house of kittens at the age of 9-10 weeks. The kittens are older will take longer to get used to the new habitat, and may be sharper to respond to the changing environment. In the first days of a kitten in the house, try to be sensitive to his reaction to the change of the situation: the small kittens that were taken away from mom, you can cry and a loud meow. Try to communicate more with the kitten these days, often take him in my arms. If the kitten is afraid of you – try to communicate with him in the process of feeding, for example, give food with it.

  2. Sometimes kittens who were brought to the new house, trying to hide in a secluded area – for example, hide under the bed, radiators, sofa. Draw them out is sometimes very difficult. If the kitten won't come out of his "hole", try to lure him with food – for example, spread your finger sour cream (in a pinch, you can try plain yogurt without additives). If the kitten agrees to take food from hands, try to gently stroke him while he eats. So the animal will gradually get used to the hands, and in the future will not be afraid of contact with you.

  3. To tame the kitten, try to play more with it – for example, use the cat favorite toy: balls, mice, fishing rods. If you play with the kitten using a fishing rod, often try to throw "bait" to his knees: the kitten will get used to the idea that to jump to you on hands is safe.