You will need
  • New bowl for kitty, new cat box, toys for adult cat, towel
Do not rush immediately to introduce two Pets. Cats will adapt to each other for a long time. If the kitten was just brought in, and your cat on such a "betrayal" by the hostess or host didn't aggression could not be avoided. It is likely, the cat will hiss at the kitten, not to give him passage, and may even pounce on him. Teach your cat to think that the house will live one being, gradually. Select for kitten private room and don't let her your cat. Don't let the two of them to see each other. Direct eye contact will cause extra stress and may lead to the brawl. Let her stay a few days in different rooms.
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The next day after the arrival of the kitten give to your cat to sniff him through the door. Then an adult cat will get used to the new smell.
After a few days the two of them change places. Give the kitten a few hours to wander around the apartment, getting used to the environment. But an adult cat will be at this time to watch the kitten through the crack under the door and get used to his appearance.
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Mix the scents of cats and kitten. To do this, take a small towel, moisten it and wrap the cat in it. The towel will retain its smell. After that, RUB them with an adult cat.
Now it is time to introduce your Pets. Be sure to give the kitten to understand that your cat is in charge here. When you feed them, place the food to an adult cat, and then kitten. Feed them on neutral territory, preferably in the kitchen. Buy your kitten a separate bowl for water and food, but feed them together (at first, it is desirable that between them there was any partition). Ensure that the kitten did not steal food from another bowl. Gradually cozies bowl. Don't forget also to buy another litter box, cat and kitten needs individual toilets.
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Pay attention to an adult cat, give her a toy mouse or buy her a tasty treat. In short, the cat needs to "bribe". Not deprived of attention, affection and care, your pet will become more tolerant towards the kitten. Over time, you will be able to give both cats equal attention.
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Keep in mind that cats can vary greatly. Perhaps you hope for a true feline friendship. Unfortunately, it does not occur in 100% of cases. But in any case, over time, the cat and kitten will begin to get along with each other and cease to cause the owner trouble. But if your cat suddenly wakes up the maternal instinct to worry you about.