First and foremost, your pet needs a name. It's not fashion or tradition, but a very useful action required to raise the animal. The kitten should be called by name when you caress or feed him. When you punish an animal, to call him a nickname it is impossible because in this case, the kitten would take his name a dirty word associated with punishment.

When your pet defecate in the wrong place or sharpens claws on the furniture, it must immediately be punished. The key word here is immediately, because cats have a short memory. Over time the kitten will no longer be able to associate the punishment with the offense. It is not necessary to punish the animal by physical violence or throwing sneakers: compare their size and the size of a kitten.

Imagine now that you are flying a giant Shoe. It is best to splash water on troublemaker or produce a special effect, for example, to drop the keys on the floor, loudly clap your hands, etc. is a Valid punishment is a flick on the nose, although for a kitten, it may be somewhat painful.

It is not necessary to indulge the kitten in all his whims just because he's cute and fluffy. Decide what you will not allow the animal, and stand your ground to the end.

If the kitten is begging when the family sits at the table, then you should postpone feeding time for half an hour before a family dinner. To feed the pet from your table, of course, not worth it. If the cat does not eat their food, no need to rush to offer him a variety of other dishes. It's possible that he's just naughty. Wait a day or two. If the kitten never touched your food, replace the food.