If you brought a kitten into the house, where lives a small animal, probably the first cat will feel offended due to the fact that its territory is invaded. It will be all cats to protect their property, namely the room where you used to sleep, a bowl of food and even the tray. To make it clear that the new kitten is not a threat first, provide newcomers with their own tray and a bowl, and ideally isolate him for a few days in another room. During this time kittensand get used to each other, even will hiss through the door. Mutual understanding of the two seals can help and mixing smells. Put the older kitten thing, where he slept with Junior, let him get used to the smell of his new roommate.
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If you took two kittens at the same time, for example, for breeding, or just are unable to resist both the choice, but the kids still don't know each other, first give them the opportunity to introduce themselves to each other. Leave the kittens in the room, let anyhouse. Put them side by side bowls and troughs of water, even if they eat and drink only one. Give each of the kittens equal attention to both feel loved and needed. Buy them simple toys like a ball or an artificial mouse to the kittens was able to play with each other.
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Sometimes kittensand treat each other with pronounced aggression, especially if some same-sex. If the fight continues more than a month since ka horses began to live together, it is an occasion to wonder about their compatibility. As decisive action can help harmless sedative for cats and cats. In the case when the aggressive one kitten, it needs to be cleaned, spray the muzzle of the gun during the rage of the animal. Another preventive measure is to install between kittensAMI barrier mesh, for example, to pull her in the doorway. If for some time they will see and hear, smell each other, but can't fight, then after a few days the need for aggression will pass by itself.
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