Do not force an adult cat to communicate with the kitten by force. On the first day animals best not to acquaint, to give time for the kitten to adjust to new surroundings. In a day or two, when he learned, and the adult cat will get used to the smell, you can begin your first meeting.
как подружить котят
The first meeting must take place in your presence. If you are afraid of aggression from the cat, first let them pouchatsya through the bars. Put the kitten in a carrier and show cat. The hiss of an adult animal should not scare you. If the cat is not thrown, headlong, into the kennel with pinned ears and bared fangs all right.
как приучить двух котов жить дружно
A second meeting to try to organize without obstacles. Open the door to the room kitty. Let the cat come in and sniff his bowl, tray, couch. Do not turn an adult cat with chosen places, when suddenly he took a litter or a house kitten.
кошки неладят между собой
When the cat will notice the kitty, watch closely for his reaction. Adult cats usually don't see a competitor to the territory in a very small fellow. Even if the cat is not neutered, he will likely not attack first. If the veteran still preparing to attack, strictly okretnice it.
котёнку месяц как выходить
Even if the second meeting went well, try not to leave Pets unattended in the same room, but before leaving, lock the kitten separately. If the senior continues to show aggression, wash the cat and kitten shampoo. This will discourage foreign smell and make the cat to distract from a competitor. Do not do this if your adult pet is touchy and vindictive. Last resort may be the castration of a cat (only if it is not intended for breeding).
как выкормить новорожденного котенка из пипетки