Much depends on the cat-mother and the period when the kitten stays with her. If the cat also lives in the apartment and she was potty trained, with kitten everything will be much easier. If You took a kitten off the street, then wait for the joys.

To accustom your kitten to the pot, you need to buy the appropriate tray. It needs to be comfortable for the kitten. The next step, let's define filler. Much depends on the smell, it's better if first You use a filler of neutral scent or do without it. The tray needs to stand in one place and better if it will be the toilet. Better not only in terms of distribution along the flat of the ammonia smell, but also from the point of view of a cat. Cats divide the apartment into zones. In one room they are sleeping in the other rides, and the toilet, you know.

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To teach a kitten can be difficult. Much depends on the character and intelligence of each individual kitten. If the kitten goes in the wrong place, it should be punished, if he poops in the tray, praise him and give a promotional piece of fish. The method of stimulating benefits helps to accustom your kitten to the pot very efficiently and quickly.

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If the situation is complicated, we can resort to desperate actions. When the kitten once again "miss", gather his mistake with a cloth and put it in the tray. The scene should always be washed thoroughly, otherwise the kitten is back on the smell. Usually cats learn to use it by going to it several times in a row. But remember to clean the tray you need as often as possible. Otherwise, You will receive the protest as a puddle in plain sight.

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A little patience and Your kitten will begin to walk in the allotted space, and delight you with their cute antics. The animal carries a positive sea, if brought up properly. The recommendations You received, now it's Your turn.

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