Advice 1: How to teach your kitten to the pot

Any animal in the apartment is difficult. Whatever it was, but even graceful and clean a cat can bring a lot of trouble if she wasn't potty trained from an early age. So once You decide to take a kitten, start to think about this question.
How to teach your kitten to the pot

Much depends on the cat-mother and the period when the kitten stays with her. If the cat also lives in the apartment and she was potty trained, with kitten everything will be much easier. If You took a kitten off the street, then wait for the joys.

To accustom your kitten to the pot, you need to buy the appropriate tray. It needs to be comfortable for the kitten. The next step, let's define filler. Much depends on the smell, it's better if first You use a filler of neutral scent or do without it. The tray needs to stand in one place and better if it will be the toilet. Better not only in terms of distribution along the flat of the ammonia smell, but also from the point of view of a cat. Cats divide the apartment into zones. In one room they are sleeping in the other rides, and the toilet, you know.

To teach a kitten can be difficult. Much depends on the character and intelligence of each individual kitten. If the kitten goes in the wrong place, it should be punished, if he poops in the tray, praise him and give a promotional piece of fish. The method of stimulating benefits helps to accustom your kitten to the pot very efficiently and quickly.

If the situation is complicated, we can resort to desperate actions. When the kitten once again "miss", gather his mistake with a cloth and put it in the tray. The scene should always be washed thoroughly, otherwise the kitten is back on the smell. Usually cats learn to use it by going to it several times in a row. But remember to clean the tray you need as often as possible. Otherwise, You will receive the protest as a puddle in plain sight.

A little patience and Your kitten will begin to walk in the allotted space, and delight you with their cute antics. The animal carries a positive sea, if brought up properly. The recommendations You received, now it's Your turn.


Advice 2 : How to teach your cat to potty

Pets cats are the most clean animals, but for them requires constant care. Before each breeder faces the problem of how to accustom the cat to the pot. Buying a kitten in the kennel you don't have to worry, as a rule, it is enough to know what filler was used pet. In other cases, must be puzzled with this problem since the first day the cat in the house.
How to teach your cat to potty
You will need
  • - tray
  • - cat litter
  • - scoop tray
Select a suitable pot. Just look for pots of large size with the height of the boards 10 to 12 inches, since kittens are growing rapidly.
Buy a couple of pots, because cats are very neat and can't go again in a dirty toilet, and clean up after them after each trip is not always possible.
Fillers made from pine or cedar chips absorb odors, but unfortunately, do not form lumps, whereupon it has to be changed frequently. Filler clay is inexpensive, but can cause allergies in some cats, besides dirtying his paws. To flush this litter down the toilet is not recommended. The filler granules is economical to use, since the interaction with the liquid to form lumps, thereby easily removed from the tray together and does not crumble. You should carefully approach the selection of such filler because of poor quality pellets can stick to the cat. The silica filler compared to the other absorbs much more moisture, neutralizes odors, preserves a long time its properties. It is more expensive than all other types and it is impossible to flush the toilet.
Select the location for the pot. The place should be in a secluded quiet place, better in the corner. It is important that the cat is not distracted by extraneous sounds, for example emanating from the kitchen or from the pipes, they might scare it away.
Pour into the pot filler dense layer. Show the kitten pot and prosherstite filler.
Discovering that the kitten made a puddle in the wrong place, with a piece of paper or napkin to blot the place and put in a pot to a smell.
Put the kitten in a pot-soaked piece of paper, show how the paw to dig the filler, and the place where he went to the toilet earlier and wash thoroughly. To accustom the cat to the pot, it is necessary to neutralize the smell of his urine is not intended for the toilet.
If the kitten went past the pot, repeat the above procedure: put him in the pot, and wash the contaminated place. With time he will learn to find your pot smell and will go to the toilet only to him.

Advice 3 : How to accustom the cat to the tray

Little fluffy kitty in the house becomes a joy to both adults and children. Not to spoil the pleasant impression of the appearance of a new family member, it is necessary to accustom the cat to the tray from the first day, without delay. You probably need to choose and buy a litter box, but there is no place for the toilet, the kitty will walk whenever it is convenient for him. A place for the tray you need to choose affordable and convenient for the cat. It is desirable to use the pad tray to prevent it slipping.
How to accustom the cat to the tray

The first time it is desirable to be with a cat around to help it move freely in your new space. If this is not possible, space it is necessary to restrict certain way and to provide all facilities for food, water, and of course, deliver the tray.

But in any case, the first day is the most important in shaping the future of addiction. To accustom the cat to the tray will be much easier if you put it directly in the tray in order for it to adapt. After each awakening and feeding also need to put it on the tray, forming a further reflex evacuation during certain hours. Following the first day, all actions, carefully monitoring the situation, you can develop tactics for the next few days. The behavior of the kitten may suggest that he will need to go to the toilet, he begins to scrub the floor and sniffing. It is important not to miss these moments: you must help him find the right place, and the question of "how to accustom the cat to the tray" will gradually be less and less to worry you.

A very important point in education is the affection and praise for the cat's actions. Worth it to pet, to caress, to speak kind words. And, calling her by name. Cats are very sensitive and remember that some actions can cause a positive reaction of the hostess. Most often this can be an additional incentive.

To accustom the cat to the tray you need to remember that they are very clean Pets. They are very squeamish. For the second time in the same tray might not go, so it will be good if the site will be timely to clean and wash. Of course, this is not the best option for those situations when a cat a long time is one, and the problem with purity you are not physically able to avoid.

If, nevertheless, was a lost moment, and the kitten had to go in the wrong place, to draw his attention to this omission should immediately. Otherwise, then blame has no meaning, he'll just forget about what happened. It is necessary to remove the paper the result of his mistake, and carry on the tray, thereby showing where he must deal with. To accustom the cat to the tray easy, the main thing to spend a little time and patience.

Places that have marked the kitten under the toilet, wash and process specific substances. This can be lemon juice, vinegar, diluted in water or special products, in the variety offered by pet stores.

If the cat chose the same place to toilet, need to put in the time smelling the items (a cloth with a strong odor of perfume, garlic and onions, perfume and soap).

If periodically to monitor the behavior of the pet, cleanliness of the tray, to accustom the cat to the tray is not difficult. Monitoring will help determine the best place and comfortable there cat, there are no irritating odors of air freshener or smell of household products. All of this can cause failure of a cat to go in the tray at the set of your choice. The use of a filler plays an important role. Is worth watching, like a cat or it is an inconvenience.

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