For a start, give the new member of the family to look around. If the family has children - explain to them that the first time the kid not to worry, let him get used to it, because for him the move to a new home - a real stress.
Once the kitten a little look around, show him the place where will be feeding. The best option, if you ask the owners of the cats than they are to lure kids and offer him the same food. It will help to adapt quickly, and will not cause stomach upset baby due to sudden change of food. Next to the platter of food must be bowl with fresh water. It is best to give the kitten filtered water, as in wet from the tap contains many harmful chlorine.
In the first few days the kitten can become anxious, "cry", look for the Mama cat. Often take him in my arms, caress, talk to the baby tender voice. Kitten to sleep better at night, for the first time to put him in the house a rag, smelling the parent nest. For this advance ask the owners of cats to hold a rag there, where there lived a mother cat with babies. Feeling the smell of home, your kitten will calm down.
Stock up in advance all the necessary tools to care for a kitten. Special food for babies up to a year, bowls of food and water, litter box, litter, a comb for long hair. Find out in advance from the owners of cats, how they use the filler for the toilet. By purchasing same, you will facilitate the process of teaching your baby to their own toilet.
If you have other animals, ensure that "senior" was not scared and did not offend the small. Even if at first your animals are not found a common language - do not worry. With patience, affection and equal attention to your Pets be sure to make friends!