The most effective method of increasing growthand in adulthood is a hormones therapy. The fact that the cause of stunting is a lack of the hormone somatotropin. With its help grow bones, so if you take this hormone by prescription in strictly regulated doses, can grow to 10-12 cm However, hormone therapy has contraindications and serious side effects as a result of reception of drugs grows, not only those bones that are necessary, but everyone else.
How to increase <strong>growth</strong> 10 cm
To increase growth it is possible by the introduction of the synthesis of the hormone somatotropin in the body. It is achieved by taking vitamins E, C and B3. If you drink on 150 mg of vitamin C and 100 mg of tocopherol per day, the content of somatotropin in the body will increase to 23%. Still need to take drugs. containing zinc, they contribute to the formation in the body of another hormone, somatomedin. It also helps bones to grow.
How to increase <strong>growth</strong> 10 cm
An effective way to increase growthand 10-12 cm is surgery to lengthen her legs. In this procedure, first break of the Shin, then wearing a compression-distraction apparatus and fused bones, gradually pulling them. The process takes about a year, it is very painful and difficult, can be complications.
How to increase <strong>growth</strong> 10 cm