1. From human growth directly influences his career accomplishments and performance.

2. Statistically, tall people are more respected and important than people of small stature.

3. Growth is the basis of human beauty and attractiveness.

Growth begins to slow down approximately sixteen and twenty are already fully defined. What final height can be a person, is influenced by several factors:

1. Heredity and genetic predisposition. The growth we have in inherited from our parents and grandparents. If the family are all high, then your growth will likely be higher.

2. Features of personal education and development. Everything is in our hands. Depending on how much we eat right, practice mode, what we get vitamins depends on our development and improvement.

3. Diseases of different nature. When the body is in a depleted condition, he dramatically decreases the capacity for growth and development in General. Positive dynamics can be observed only when the human body is one hundred percent healthy!

The key to proper development and health are: a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, exercise sports and hardening.


How can you become taller?

For implementation of your desires is necessary to observe a number of instructions which can help to accelerate and intensify the processes of growth.

1. You must perform glad is designed to increase growth of exercise. Should visit the pool a few times a week. Pour showers. With the aim of warming up the body to lie in a warm bath, a good even to go to bath or sauna. A very beneficial effect on the body has massage.

Using these procedures and manipulations will be able to get rid of excess toxins accumulated in the body, to restore normal metabolic processes, which will contribute to the growth processes.

2. Proper nutrition-the guarantee of health. The diet must be adhered to strictly. Eating should be done in strictly certain hours. The diet should be balanced in such a way that the body is fully received everything necessary for life calories, vitamins and minerals. Should be from fatty, spicy, excessively salty or sweet food. You should try to go to a separate food.

3. In addition to proper diet must exercise.

Exercises recommended to enhance the processes of growth:

1. Jumping up. Jump up high as possible, alternately changing legs.

2. Pull up on the toes to the top, as if trying to reach the imaginary object.

3. Lie on your stomach. Hands behind the back "lock", and the legs straighten. Cave in such a way that raising only the shoulders and head.

4. Lie on your back with legs straighten and arms wide spread to the sides. In turn, raise first one leg, then the other, to form an angle of ninety degrees.

5. Pull on the bar, get down and hang a bit in a relaxed state.

6. Lie on stomach, arms position parallel to the body, leg pull. Raise straight legs up together as high as possible.

Exercises should be done in the complex and each of them to repeat several times.

If you fulfill all the recommendations, to respect the day, eat right, then surely the desired results are achieved. In any case, for your body and health this complex no won't harm you, but it will be useful for sure. And how I want to grow up here, rather you must first understand the psychological motivation of desires. But to have a healthy body, healthy mind – a great position in life!