To increase your height by correcting a stoop. Rarely anyone has a completely correct posture, fixing it will add from 3 to 5 cm of growth. Purchase at the pharmacy the waist from stooping, it is a universal tool for correct posture at home. The design consists of 4 plates and allows to take into account all individual features of the figure. The waistband is made from lightweight materials and are virtually invisible under clothes. To choose the correct size, measure the circumference of your chest. Wear the belt for 2-3 hours a day and after a couple of months and see the result. Growth will be boosted by the reduction curves of the spine.
Sleep only on a hard surface. If you are unable to pick their own bed with all necessary for comfortable sleep stiffness, contact your orthopaedic. They will recommend the mats or a special couch for constant traction.
The great value has the intensity of metabolism. To stimulate it, add in the diet more fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. Metabolism swimming and Jogging. Enter in the daily practice hour jog in the fresh air and visit pool 3 times a week. To increase levels of growth hormone, the natural hormone growth, take a daily 150 mg of vitamin C and 50 mg of vitamin E, and zinc supplements.
Daily exercise on a horizontal bar. Use "visy" with the weights, the muscles should be relaxed as much as possible. Dose a lot of weights and exercise for health. It is not necessary to push yourself excessively, such fanaticism is fraught with negative consequences. Alternate classes on the bar with other stretching exercises of the spine, ensure that the load was distributed evenly to all departments. Use the technique of stretching exercises and diet, and the results of your efforts in 2-3 months will increase growth by a few inches.