Advice 1: How to remove fat on the buttocks

The most problematic body parts for women are the buttocks and thighs. This is because muscle tissue is in places practically are not involved in everyday life. This problem becomes very noticeable closer to the summer time when it's time to leave. Women, trying on a new swimsuit, your favorite skirt or dress remain dissatisfied, in connection with the problem of the thighs and buttocks. But to return to the beautiful form that will allow you to wear your favorite outfits without a trace of embarrassment, you need to work on. There are several recommended exercises to restore the shape of the buttocks and legs.
How to remove fat on the buttocks
Basic exercises to strengthen the buttocks are squats. For this, you need to stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and securing your hands behind your head, sit without lifting the heels from the floor. Too low to squat is not necessary. Do not forget to maintain the posture. For best effect, little to complicate the exercise. You need to take dumbbells in hands, placing them on the sides and squat.
The following exercise would be lunges. To do this, become straight, straighten shoulders, hands put on the belt, either at your sides with dumbbells. Left or right foot should be placed so that she was bent at the knee at a right angle, i.e. 90 degrees. The second leg should be back so that almost touched the floor. After the need to return to the starting position and continue the exercise with the other leg.
Next, you need to lie on the floor and bending your knees, straighten the arms along the body. And should touch the floor, only the hands, shoulders, head and feet. Several times in this position to raise and lower the lower back, not touching the floor with the buttocks.
Another wonderful exercise, which to the maximum will help to quickly strengthen thighs and buttocks. Need to get on your knees and elbows bent at a right angle. Then raise one leg up, bending your knee to make sure the thigh is parallel to the floor. Returning to the original position, not touching the floor with his knee, to continue the exercise of raising the legs. Then switch legs sometimes, and continue the exercise.
Leg swings will help to strengthen the muscles of the hips. You need to be in front of a chair, put your feet together, put your hand on the back of a nearby chair. Lift your right leg to the right and down, repeating these swings a few times. The same exercise, only with the left leg, flapping to her left.
Well, if you have started to strengthen buttocks and hip, respectively, calf, too, do not disregard. To strengthen them you need: to take a chair, or simply adhering to the hands, so as not to fall, go up on toes, then lower to the heel. Perform this exercise several times a day.
Useful advice
To your leg muscles were involved as often as possible, as often as possible to walk.

Advice 2: How to remove fat on the shoulder blades

How to remove fat under the shoulder blades? This question is raised not only men that aim to get a trim muscular figure, but also girls who, in connection with improper food and due to the absence of any power loads become the owner of this nasty baggage.
How to remove fat on the shoulder blades
Before you can remove fat with blades fully consider program your workouts, because too much load not only can rid you of fat under the shoulder blades, but and make muscle mass, which is completely useless to a woman unless she is engaged in bodybuilding. To make your back slim and toned, all the exercises do often, but with minimal loads.
Oddly, the most effective remedy which will help to remove excess weight and tighten the back is running and swimming. This is the most usual exercises that we can perform daily. Accordingly, join a pool and get up early to do my morning run. Swimming warms up muscles, as a very actively working the shoulders and arms. As a result, the fat is gradually disappearing. Running also involves constant motion with his hands, causing the fat to disappear. The main rule in this situation – do not allow passive stress on the back.
To remove fat under the blades you can also use the power loads. Before you start training in the gym, always consult with your instructor, ask him to find the optimal set of exercises to achieve the desired result. For the back there are a lot of special equipment, so you will have something to do.
In addition, you can do without the use of simulators. To remove excess fat on the shoulder blades and strengthen your back, perform the following exercises: lie on a flat bench, on your back, take in the hands of not very heavy dumbbells and arms out to the side. Inhaling, bring hands together above head, exhale, breed them to the floor as low as possible.
As mentioned above, exercises for fat under the blades to zero do quite often, but with a small power loads. For such purposes, ideal for dumbbells that weigh less than 2 kg. Make several approaches, each with 25-30 lifts his hands. Constantly alternate strength training with running and swimming and soon you will notice the result.

Advice 3: How to remove cellulite from back of legs and ass

With the approaching of summer season, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity begins to reflect on the beauty of their bodies, don't need to lose a few extra pounds, tighten the belly or to engage in the buttocks. Most often the challenges faced by women in the fight against cellulite.
How to remove cellulite from back of legs and ass

The causes of cellulite

The appearance of cellulite many factors contribute. This can be attributed to excess weight, sedentary lifestyle, genetic predisposition, wrong food. All these factors contribute to the formation of subcutaneous fat, filled with toxins then, the compressed blood vessels. As a result, begins to form so-called "orange peel". Typically the most prone to the formation of cellulite in some places be hind thighs and butt.

Ways fight cellulite

You should start with eating healthy. Try to eliminate from your diet preservatives, cheeses, dairy products, grilled meat and fish, sausage, fast food, sugar, alcohol. Limit your intake of starchy foods. New diet must consist of useful products: various types of cereals, bread from wheat flour, boiled or steamed meat/fish, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as the consumption of a sufficient amount of water, up to half liter a day. In addition to concerns about nutrition, you should think about sport. It is best to buy a pass to the fitness center, where you can go with a personal trainer who will be able to choose the right set of exercises for problem areas, as well as properly distribute the load.

A good helper will be Aqua-aerobics. In between visits to the trainers should spend time therapeutic massage. Sessions should be distributed in approximately equal intervals of time, it will help the body relax after an active struggle with the "crust". A variety of types of massage is able to surprise any customer. In beauty salons are doing vacuum massage, honey, anti-cellulite, designed a special program for stone therapy. At home, you can also perform a simple massage of the thighs and priests with a special anti-cellulite scrubs and ointments, which are sold in any drugstore.

Emergency techniques

Having tried everything and not achieving the desired result, it is possible to resort to surgical intervention. There are several ways of getting rid of the hated cellulite. The easiest and most common is liposuction. With it comes the removal of subcutaneous fat, and then peel the skin loses its force. There is also a method of mesotherapy is a procedure aimed at the introduction under the skin, the special formulations by thin needles. Usually, to get the effect, drink about 10 sessions.

Getting rid of cellulite in problem areas such as thighs and butt, is a very difficult and expensive process, it is much easier to try to prevent the appearance of cellulite, observing a simple diet and leading an active lifestyle.

Advice 4: The hair on the buttocks: issues of hair removal are so intimate

Beach season is in full swing and the question than to remove the hair on the priest and in the bikini area is very serious. Basically, to get rid of excess vegetation in this zone is not difficult. But not all home remedies are convenient to apply yourself.
The hair on the buttocks: issues of hair removal are so intimate
The concept of intimate hair removal has come to the West from the East. Of course, because there the climate is hot and it stimulates to remove the hair even in the groin.

SNiP and you're done!

The fastest hair removal in the intimate area at home is accomplished using a shaver. This method is good for its accessibility and simplicity.

In addition, shaving of hair around the anus is convenient to carry out personally, for example, in front of the mirror. Although it is possible to prilovchitsya and shave to the touch.

However, the intimate hair removal using a machine gives short-term result. In addition, the hair after shaving are becoming more stringent. And the skin can react negatively with rashes and itching.

Cream effect

Everyone who is interested, than to remove the hair on the priest, we can recommend a depilatory cream. The so-called chemical epilation removes vegetation quickly and painlessly.

Such lotions can be used without special skills. Besides the effect from the creams-depilatories longer term than from the machine.

The disadvantages of this method include the risk of allergic reactions, as well as its inefficiency for coarse hair.

Caramel therapy

Instead of waxing – hair removal with hot wax – sugaring came. The procedure involves removing hair using a sugar paste.

Hair removal in the intimate area at home with the help of a shugaring has a number of advantages. First, it is less painful compared to waxing. Second, it gives really long-term effect. Third, after shugaring hair become more thin and weak, which facilitates their subsequent removal.

The obstacle to sugaring can be a low threshold for pain and damage on the skin. Besides, not everyone succeeds in the first time to cook a mass of the desired consistency.

Salon treatments

For those who have vegetation near the anus is too abundant, there is an intimate hair removal salon. Popular clients uses IPL and laser. These procedures allow you to remove hair if not forever, then for a few months, and even years.

Epilation is very popular due to its effectiveness and painlessness. Although the service is not cheap, in its favor, says the fact that after 5 sessions, you can get rid of all unwanted hair.

Laser destroys the hair follicles that leads to hair loss and a significant slowdown in their growth. However, the procedure is only effective on dark vegetation rather than a light fuzz.

Advice 5: As a week to remove the fat from the thighs

The upper thigh is the most "capricious". It then tries to gather excess fat, make legs looks like chicken leg. You can try to remove fat from thighs in a week, using an integrated approach.
As a week to remove the fat from the thighs
Slim hips require restrictions of some products, the use of certain physical activity and additional cosmetic procedures. Only if you hit on all fronts, it is possible to remove fat from thighs in a week.

Rule one: modify the diet

Diet for slim thighs requires not so much restrictions, as changing the style of food. Completely banned fast food, processed foods, foods containing preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors. Let the calories there are not so many, but these chemicals disturb the metabolism which leads to cellulite.

Those who want to remove fat from the hips, stand for a long time to forget about potatoes in any form, white bread, pasta, even from durum wheat. It is permissible to only eat foods that are high in fiber – whole grain breads or cereal additives.

Also diet for slim thighs involves the use of large amounts of fresh vegetables. It raw vegetables, not stew stews, or salads. Simply put, remove fat from lyashek will help the raw food diet.

But what about proteins? Without them nowhere. But it is better to give up meat in favor of lean fish, poultry and dairy products. Such a diet and exercises for thighs will help gradually get in shape.

The second rule: more traffic

Remove fat from the thighs will help the common Mahi. You just have to get on all fours, leaning on your forearms and knees, take one leg back straight, lower back not to bend. Then, straining the muscles back of the thigh, swinging the leg as high as possible. Then repeat the movement, but sideways.

Also very effective gentle exercise for the hips. You need to lie on the floor, pressing the lower back to the floor, and hands placed under the head or positioned perpendicular to the torso. The feet on the ankles pinch a small ball, with a diameter of 30-50 cm Now, alternately touch the floor from the left, then to the right without lifting the lower back from the surface.

Furthermore, you can just walk on the buttocks back and forth. Back to keep straight, knees do not bend and didn't help himself with his hands. During the exercise it is necessary to strain the thighs, but not calves.

For thighs squats is very useful. For best effect they should perform with weights – dumbbells or a barbell. Also very effective to squat near the wall. You need to stand so that the back of the head, shoulders and lower back was glued to a vertical surface.

Rule three: softening fat on the outside

In the struggle for slim hips very well help wraps. These procedures improve the appearance of the skin, and remove toxins.

The easiest way to use honey. In the melted product (2 dessert spoons) you need to add 5 drops of any essential oil. Evenly distribute the mixture on the skin lyashek, wrap in cling film and lie under a blanket for a few hours.

Honey, you can replace the coffee grounds, blue clay, algae or mustard. Those who choose the last ingredient, you need to listen to their feelings during the session. If it will burn much, it is necessary to interrupt the procedure and rinse with the mixture.

Of course, to fully remove fat from thighs in a week is impossible. During this time, you can see the first results, which will serve as further motivation. In total, it will take at least two months to achieve the toned and slender thighs. The main thing - not to recede from the planned plan.

Advice 6: How to remove fat on belly and legs

The female type of obesity adipose tissue is located in the lower part of the body: the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. These places nature itself provides for the creation of energy reserves, which are the lipids. Nearby pelvic organs, primarily reproductive, and fat located on legs and stomach intended for food of the fruit in hard times. Why women so hard to lose weight below the waist. But regular exercise will help to cope even with this problem.
How to remove fat on belly and legs
Reduce daily calorie intake by 10-15%. If you reduce the stronger, the body will take it as an onset of a severe famine, and instead of wasting the fat will begin to build its reserves. And it is on my stomach and hips. And to lose weight are cheek and chest.
Eat small, frequent portions. The liver has time to break down a limited amount of nutrients and turn them into energy. What she did not have time to handle, are converted into fat cells and stored as a reserve.
Eat Breakfast cereal, pasta and muesli, and for dinner protein foods: yogurt, cottage cheese, lean fish or chicken breast. Slow carbohydrates contained in cereals, broken down by the body for a very long time and saturate you with energy. Why do you need it at night? Better get them in the morning, to have the strength to wait for lunch and not pounce on the food. But protein food is necessary for the restoration work that your body holds at night.
Drink more water. It is needed by the body for normal metabolism. Only with its help, the body removes toxins and products of protein breakdown. The process of separation of fat without a sufficient amount of moisture is also possible. Drink at least 3 liters of clean drinking water per day. But if you are active in sports, increase the number by half.
The best way to lose fat anywhere in the body are aerobic exercise. Very good help Cycling, aerobics and dancing. We should not exaggerate the benefits of swimming for weight loss. To lose fat in the pool, you should swim at a fast pace for 30-40 minutes without stopping. Are you ready for such a feat? If not, give preference to the run.
There are many directions aerobic classes created by the modern equipment, but still, nothing helps to lose weight as well as workout. If your weight is too large, start Hiking at a fast pace. Walk along the Park paths, up and down hills, gradually you feel ready to move on to a run.
Cross-country exercise involves the process of burning fat after approximately 30 minutes after the start. After that the body continues to part with the lipids still for nearly two hours. Therefore, the minimum stride length – half an hour, better longer. Please note that one missed workout is much back. Notice the result only after a couple months of regular classes. By the way, running at low temperature allows you to burn more fat cells and weight loss is much faster. So do not throw training in the winter.
If you run constantly and at a good pace, you do not need additional exercise for the press. Abdominal muscles are actively involved in the process of running, so well worked out. Think of how many times during the run, you pulled legs to the stomach? If this were not enough, remember that rock abdominal muscles after you jog three times a week. Professional athletes have an expression "hammer muscle". This means that peretiranie muscles fail to respond to the load.
Don't get carried away with special latex or isoprene pants and a belt that creates a sauna effect and help to lose weight, according to the advertisement. With these devices, you only lose water, which will take its place as soon as you drink your thirst. But cellulite becomes more prominent.
When constant gloom the problem of excess belly fat in itself to decide will not. Therefore, we must first focus on yourself and only then will tighten the belly and increase their self-esteem. Excess belly fat can be removed not only in special schools or gyms, but at home without expert guidance.
Useful advice
Who does not know about the benefits of massage?! If abdominal massage is performed regularly, it improves blood circulation, the skin on my stomach is smoothed and tightened, and new fat is not in a hurry to be delayed. There are a lot of chances to get a result flat tummy. Effectively remove fat from stomach is possible with wraps. Possible, use Dead sea mud masks or seaweed. With your hand or a brush apply a layer of mud (seaweed) on the belly and hips, then wrap several times in plastic wrap.

Advice 7: How to remove fat from the abdomen

Nothing spoils a figure like flabby lower abs. You can be slim and even skinny, but fat in the lower abdomen will not allow you to wear tight dresses and jeans with low waist, so beloved of modern girls. To gain a flat stomach, you need a comprehensive approach.
How to remove fat from the abdomen
To download lower abs healthy. But pulling muscle, not fat burn. So please be patient and be prepared to change your lifestyle and diet.

Diet for flat tummy

Remove fat in the abdomen is possible by adjusting the menu. Start the day with a bowl of oatmeal without sugar, adding another vegetable salad and a couple of spoons of bran. At work snack on fruit, nuts or candied fruit. But don't get carried away, it's high-calorie foods.

At lunch, eat baked fish or meat. Would be great to have green salad or leafy vegetables. Include in your diet asparagus, celery, carrots, raw beets and cereals.

In an effort to gain a flat stomach, give up cigarettes, alcohol, including beer, and sweet drinks.

Massage to help

Many people mistakenly think that build lower abs, you can lose fat in the abdomen. Muscles are located under fat, influence which the outside. Every night do a ten-minute massage.

Apply to stomach any vegetable oil – almond, peach, jojoba. Capturing a small portion of fingers of both hands, gently knead the fat from bottom up. Please note - you need not to pinch the skin and fat layer and muscles.

Try to keep on the body does not remain bruises. Such barbarity harmful to blood vessels and does not affect the breakdown of fat. Also, include in daily routines for a flat stomach coffee scrubs and warming wraps.

A set of exercises

Effectively removes belly fat exercise called the "horizontal shear". Lie on the floor, hands palms down, place under buttocks, lower back tightly to the floor. Tear off feet from the surface and up to a height of 10 cm Make quick swings, alternately crossing his legs.

The second version of the shear – vertical. Remain in their original positions. Leave one foot on the floor, and the second, perfectly straight, stretched herself on toe lift perpendicular to the floor. Then simultaneously lower the first leg to the floor, and the second lift up. Gradually increase the pace. Perform each exercise for at least minutes.

Sit on the edge of the sofa. Put your hands on the waist, if lower abs are very weak, you can lean hands on the seat. Tear off feet from a floor and keep them parallel to the surface. Start painting the tips of toes digits. For the first time, draw at least to the number "10".

Lean on the palm and fingers stop, taking the emphasis lying. Alternately, quickly pull your knees to your chest. Also, in order to quickly remove fat from the abdomen, you can perform various side crunches, swimming and twirling hula-hoops.

Advice 8: How to get rid of belly fat men

Physical structure of men allows them to not be afraid of the deposits of first of extra pounds in the buttocks or legs of women. But the belly is a problem area. In addition, the absence of even the minimum daily pressure on the abdominal muscles allows body fat to accumulate is much faster.
How to get rid of belly fat men
To get rid of fat on the stomach, need to combine systematic physical activity with proper nutrition. Only by performing all of this together, you can count on results. It makes no sense to torture yourself to sweat daily and drink a beer or eat a hamburger.
Eat right. To remove the extra pounds, do not have to go on a diet and experience constant hunger. Simply minimize from your diet alcohol and any fizzy drinks, swapping them for fruit, tea and water. Do not eat flour, fat and very salty. Try to eat 4-5 times a day but small portions. Replace fried foods boiled or baked in the oven Cabinet. Try to use when cooking food less of seasonings and oils. And don't fill dishes so beloved mayonnaise, sauces and ketchups.
Move more. If possible, give up driving a car and public transport. Go to the store on foot and climb the stairs instead of the Elevator. Make it your healthy habit.
Get a run. This is the best way to burn excess weight not only on stomachbut also throughout the body. If you are suffering from heavy weight, and you still are hard to run, just walk briskly for a long time, gradually replacing step Jogging.
Download the press. As soon as you feel that the extra weight started to walk away, do some strengthening muscle belly. Lie on your back, bend legs in knees, put your hands behind your head and lift the chest towards the knees. This will inflate the upper and middle abs. Lower abs can be strengthened by a simple lifting of straight legs from the lying position. Start with a small number of repetitions in several approaches, gradually increasing the load.
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